love at first sight

What would you do if you got given a second chance? Would you take it? Yes!
What if you messed up on that second chance? What would you do?
What if you hurt someone so badly that everyone would hate you for it?
All these questions wouldn't have popped into Mary's mind until it actually happened.


1. me

Mary's P.O.V

Hi. My name is Mary Ashley McCain . I am 17 years old. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I like to babysit, exercise, flirt, be with my family, cook, hang out with friends, and go to parties. When people first meet me they think I am so innocent. I was innocent but now I am not. I was a unpopular nerd. Then my mom became a big famous clothes designer and the word spread that my mom is a huge designer and the popular girls Aj, Jade, Charlotte, and Deena came up to me and changed me from an unknown nerd to a chic popular person. Now we're the most popular guy magnets in school all the guys want to date me er... I mean us and all the girls envy They envy US. I am an only parents are divorced and since my mom is a huge designer we have a mansion. She is not always home but I have a lot of butlers,chefs, and maids. Soo.. That is all about me.

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