love at first sight

What would you do if you got given a second chance? Would you take it? Yes!
What if you messed up on that second chance? What would you do?
What if you hurt someone so badly that everyone would hate you for it?
All these questions wouldn't have popped into Mary's mind until it actually happened.


6. Expelled

Aj's P.O.V

I got called to the principals office and this is what happened.....


"Aj, I heard rumors and they are about you. I don't know if they are true or not but-" "they aren't true" I interrupted him. "Aj how do I know you aren't lying" he said. "I'm not ask anyone I mean not anyone but I'm not lying about this." I said. "Aj I am afraid I have to expel you." He said. "Expel so I can't come to school anymore? Please if my parents finds out they will be very angry." I said. "Your parents a know and you are officially expelled. Goodbyes" he said. And I stood up and left. 

** end of flashback**

Now I am walking home and hopefully my parents won't be so mad and ground me but knowing them they probably didn't realize. My nanny, on the other hand, sees everything but she wouldn't hurt me so I guess I'm fine. I'm still trying to figure out why charlotte, Deena, and Mary aren't talking to me. 

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