Secret Scars.

What will happen when Justin finds out about Megan James's secret scars and bruises? Is he going to leave her or keep making her happy? True love. ~Enjoy ♡


2. Sleepover.

Justin's P.O.V

Three hours had passed by and I could watch her sleep for hundred of years. She was so beautiful and fragile. I couldn't stand her cry so I placed her in my arms and let her finish off. I don't like it when people cry, it's so, well, sad.

I heard everything and saw everything that happened. She seemed so evil. She's just using her dad. I feel so sorry for Megan. How could someone not like her.  She's perfect. I'm just gonna play it cool, you know, like it didn't happen at all.

Megan: mmm, what is the time?

Justin: it's 5PM.

Megan: oh, well do you want anything to eat?

Justin: sure, what do you have?

We went downstairs and I saw her stepmother in her cat women leather thingy, eww.

Stephine: OH MY GOD HELLO!

"Hello" I said with a disgusted look on my face.

"It's Justin Bever right?" she said while laughing her ass off with her witch laughter. "Welcome to Norway" she smirked.

"Um thank you" I said while I rolled my eyes and kept walking to the kitchen.

Stephine: okay Megan! I'm going to Hungary with your dad. I'm coming home in three days!

Megan: fine!

Great I was all alone with her. It was perfect since I had a week to chill off in Norway. No one knew.

Megan: so what do you want?

She pointed at the biggest fridge I've ever seen. "Well what do you have?" I questioned her. "Practically everything". She replied me.

Justin: let's make some pancakes.

Megan: okay, I love pancakes.

We made the pancakes and laughed all the time, especially when I tried to flip the pancake and it fell on my face. When the pancakes were done and we ate them, we added some blueberries and sugar. They were delicious. Then we decided to watch some Television. We cuddled up on the couch and watched Jimmy Fallon Show. I loved that guy, he was so funny. She giggled a lot so I put my arm on her shoulder. She came closer and snuggled up on my neck. I enjoyed it a lot. After two hours passed she suggested that we could make a sugar palace. I don't know what that was, but I would figure it out sooner or later.

Megan: okay, Justin. I want you to find everything that is sweet. Candy, cake, cream, gummibears, toppings, macarons, ice cream, syrup, chocolate, whatever okay? "Sure". I said and started to search after the things she just mentioned. She did the same. After we found everything we needed she gave me a bowl. All the things were on the table and she told me to put everything in the bowl.

This could be interesting..

I put some gummibears, then some chocolate and cream. Some ice and candy and macarons. Basically everything we found.  It looked so delicious.

Megan: So do you want to watch a movie?

Perfect. "Sure, what are we gonna watch? I asked while stuffing the "sugar palace". It was so good!

Megan: I have Netflix, so we can watch whatever you want.

Justin: what about "the notebook?"

Megan: isn't that a romantic movie?

Justin: It is but I love that movie. "Well okay, I'm just gonna get the covers and pillows.  

She went to her room and I saw the lights on the roof. I turned them on and pink hearts showed up on the roof, aw that was cute. I focused on how I was gonna turn it off but I got interrupted by Megan. "So I see you found the lights?" She giggled. "Well yeah, they're nice". That was all that came out of me. "Who's using them? You and your boyfriend?" I asked her. And she became a bit pale. "I..I don't' have a boyfriend" She shrugged and continued to set the pillows and the covers over us. "But you've had a boyfriend right?" 

Megan: yes, but he broke my heart.

"I.. I'm sorry Meg!" I replied to her and she gave me a fake smile. "Listen Justin it was a long time ago, it's fine". She told me but I didn't believe her. She was hiding a lot more.

During the movie she fell asleep with her head on my chest. Her hands were around my neck and I kissed her hair. I picked her up and turned the movie off. I sat her on her bed and I pecked her cheek. I pulled the covers on us and we fell asleep. I wonder what would happen tomorrow. Where is Scooter any way?


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