Secret Scars.

What will happen when Justin finds out about Megan James's secret scars and bruises? Is he going to leave her or keep making her happy? True love. ~Enjoy ♡


1. A helping hand.

Megan's P.O.V

We were about to kiss and my step mom was like "HEY MEGANYOU NEED TO GET ME SOMETHING" 

Of course she has to ruin my dream. My evil step mother Stephine. She was a devil. I didn't want her in my life. She had married my father right after my mom Veronica died. I'm still not over it. It was like he didn't care at all. They are both obsessed with money and I don't get it. We are very rich, but they couldn't seem to get enough. My father always travels to different countries and I'm always left with my stepmom who hits me and hurts me. She blackmails me and threatens me to not tell my dad or she will kill me. She's the reason I cut, self harm and have a low self esteem. She would always tell how ugly and anorexic I was. The only one who would make me feel beautiful, confident and worth something is Justin. You heard me. Justin Drew Bieber.


I jumped out of bed and put on my clothes. I pulled out my converse and curled my hair. My skinny jeans and an "Abercrombie and Fitch" T-shirt came along and some make up.

Stephine: go to the mall and get me some shampoo okay?

"Whatever" I mumbled to myself and apparently she heard it. "HEY, don't talk to me like that" she spat at me.

I left without breakfast and went to the mall. It wasn't far away from my house so I don't get why she couldn't mover her lazy ass and get any shampoo herself.

Suddenly I heard a couple of teenagers scream and run after the one and only, Justin Bieber. I started to cry. "SAVE IT MEGAN!" He was alone and I had to save him from, well fall apart, since he has claustrophobia.

I ran to the other side of the mall and saw him running. He came closer to me and I was hiding in an isolated parking lot. I grabbed his arm and he just disappeared from the teenagers. I held my hand over his mouth and said "hi I'm Megan." He was breathing heavily and had enough energy left to say he was "Justin Bieber". He shook my hand and I smiled. He smiled back. "Thank you Megan". He said with a big smile. Damn making him smile was the best thing I've ever experienced.

Justin: do you know where the hotel "The Thief" is?". "No, I've never heard of that hotel before" I replied with a confused look on my face.

"Great another lie, just what I need". He said angry and frustrated.

"What do you mean?" I lifted his chin and he was now looking into my eyes. His deep honey brown eyes.

"Some guy told me Scooter and the rest of the crew was staying there".

"Oh I'm sorry Justin, but I don't think it exists a hotel named "the thief. B-B-but you can stay at my place for so long".

Why did I say that, my stepmother would kill me if I brought anyone home.

He was now looking up facing me and his smile grew into a wide smirk.

"Thank you sweetie" he said smiling. "You're welcome handsome" I said. He giggled. It was so adorable.

"But what if anyone sees me?" he said hopelessly. "Don't worry" Just stop the sagging and pull your hood over your head.

A confident "Okay, I trust you" came out of his pink and plump lips. He interlocked our fingers and we walked over to my house. I couldn't help it but just smile during the walk to my home.

"Wow, you must be rich" He said.

"Yeah my parents are business people." I said without thinking about the fact that I forgot to buy shampoo.

Justin: Cool.

We walked in silence and I saw my stepmother sit on the couch saying "omg, he's the most naive man I've ever been with. He buys me everything I want and his daughter is just a pain in the ass. Why can't she Die! I felt tears run down my cheeks and I realized Justin was standing right behind me. He heard everything and saw everything.

I walked up to my room and he followed. He sat down beside me on my bed and wiped away the tears on my face with his thumb. "Is that your mom?" "no, it's just my evil stepmum". He engulfed me into a tight hug and I fell asleep in his arms. I felt so safe and his delightful scent filled my nostrils with a joy. He was as good as I expected him to be. I love him.



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