There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


7. What Happens Now?

It was if I was trapped somewhere. I remember when I was sucked into the world where vampires sparkled and fell in love with humans. Bella Swan went through something like this. The pure darkness surrounding me but I could feel the pain eating away at me, at what made me, me. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs the image of Trevor's life ending replayed in my mind constantly, as if the pain and where I was stuck wanted me to destroy myself mentally. I wondered if this was the All Powerful One's doing. I wanted to call out to Lycan, to tell him I loved him, I wanted to feel his lips on mine. But somehow I knew I couldn't. It was like someone had clipped my vocal chords, silencing me letting me be consumed by the white hot pain, like fire coursing through my fragile veins. I felt myself changing between wolf and human form and I knew I was scaring whoever was watching me.


I don't think I realized that Lycan couldn't be my true love; I couldn't comprehend him not being my True Love. I couldn't face the fact that if Trevor had been my True Love I would never wake up from this awful slumber, unlike my other trips into the dream world, I wasn't ever going to wake, not unless someone kissed me, or found another way to wake me. I was scared for the first time in my life, I was in a Death Sleep, I've read about it in the books my father gave me, it was a deadly spell cast by an Unspeakable. But I had done nothing to deserve this; I hadn't even killed this Unspeakable's maker. So I was left with this question, what did I do?





I sat there just holding her hand or her paw whichever state she was in. I was deeply afraid to kiss her, afraid for the failure. What if I wasn't her true love? What if I couldn't find a way to wake her? I could tell she was in pain. The constant transformations had to be taking a toll on her fragile frame and her recent injury. I knew she was in a horrible place, because of the close contact with her I could see her dreams,


'Kiss me Lycan, hold me, help me Lycan! I love you LYCAN PLEASE HELP ME!'


Startled by the sudden outburst in my head I released her and I leaned down and kissed her soft pink lips, at first nothing happened. Her constant transformations kept going, but her eyes opened. I thought she could see me, but her pupils weren't dilating to the harsh light she was under.  I felt another presence around me, it wasn't an Unspeakable, or the All Powerful One, the power was softer, but stronger. It was Echo.


"Hello Echo."


"How did you? Never mind, I have found a way to break the Death Sleep completely." How had she known I had kissed her?


"Tell me Echo, I need to know," I came closer to her "Echo please. I'm sorry if I've hurt you with my love for her but please don't withhold this information, we need her, and I need her."


"Lycan you didn't hurt me, I knew all along you didn't completely love me. Lycan you must understand my transition to being gay is hard, I'm lucky to have such amazing friends and an amazing girlfriend like Luna. But Luna had a vision of me dying Lycan I'm a bit shaken. I understand this information is important I do, but I don't think you're ready for this." My anger was growing flashes of ripping Echo's throat out and ingesting her torn flesh filled my mind, and it was all I could do to stay somewhat human.


''You don't get to decide if I'm ready for this! I do, and so does Snow. I am not going to lose her! What if Luna was in this Death Sleep? What would you do, what if I was the one withholding this much needed information and said you weren't ready?" I growled. The fierceness in my voice broke her resolve and she cried.


"Lycan I still love you! Why the hell can't you see that? I love Luna don't get me wrong, but you were the first person who made me feel important, loved. I let you go so you could be happy. Don't turn me into the selfish one. I will tell you the spell, but you have to be ready for the consequences and you have to ask yourself, is she worth it?'


"What will happen Echo?"


"You will forget your humanity for a time, and in that time you will kill 25 people, to regain your humanity in that time the town people will be fair game and Snow will blame herself."


"It’s worth it."


“You will not be able to distinguish who Snow is, or the Unspeakables from the humans."


"I said its FUCKING worth it didn't I? Give me the spell." Echo wrote it down earlier and she handed me a hot pink sticky note. Wake Spell was written on the top in her curly girly cursive writing.  I read through it and smiled a weak smile, it was all in Latin. I took Latin in seventh grade, but I failed miserably. I also didn't have many of the ingredients. "Echo where do I get all these things? I don't think there's a magic shop in town."


"Before I learned I was a Guardian I dabbled in Wicca, I have everything you need and that's how I got the spell. Here." She held out a purple shopping bag with a crescent moon on the front and back. I took it and whispered,


"Thank you. I owe you."


"One last kiss will suffice for your payment Lycan. I don't expect anything more from you." I crossed the distance that separated Echo's lips from mine and quickly kissed her, no spark flew so I knew our choice was the right one, Snow's kisses all them had fireworks. I released her lips and turned to Snow. I knelt there with the mini cauldron she given me and started my spell. I added the mint, and catnip, may-apple and basil. Eye of newt, and cinnamon sprigs. I started the chant,


'Wake now my love,

For this Slumber is

Not yours to sleep

Your slumber is for the dead

And condemned.

Your sleep is not yours to keep

Wake my love from your unnatural slumber

Wake from your Death Sleep my darling.

Wake with the name of the Goddess on your lips

Wake with the name of the God in your heart

Wake with the name of the Dreaded in your thrown away Slumber.


Wake My Love.'


I finished my chant, and a purple mist rose from the cauldron and went into Snow's nostrils and mine, I fell back onto the hard wood floor pain shot through my body, being a football player I knew pain, I've been tackled in as many ways as you can imagine and then some, I have broken almost every bone in my body since I started playing when I was 13. This pain was white hot, like someone took branding iron and stuck it into my body and twisted, dragging it as if they were drawing a stick figure. Is this what its like to lose one's humanity? I blacked out from the pain and when I woke up I was in the woods. I was in my wolf form. I didn't feel anything except blood lust, hunger, and vengeance.




I was there in the dark when I heard a scream, filled with pain. Lycan appeared in front of me, his hand outstretched.


'Come with me Snow' I followed the ghostly figure of Lycan, in some way I knew this was a piece of Lycan, but if I had know this was his humanity and it had to stay behind in this horrid place, I wouldn't have followed. We came to a place with two doors that stood in the middle of a clearing. They didn't appear like they would go anywhere. But they did. To hell and to home. He guided me to the blue door, the HOME door, and told me he would follow me.


I became aware slowly of my earthly body, I was on a couch, and my eyes were burning, I looked to see someone had placed me under a lamp. I tried to sit up but I couldn't, I tested my vocal ability and I could hear faintly my almost inaudible whisper,


"Echo, Luna, Lycan? Accalia?" I laid back down and I heard hurried footsteps on the stairs. I waited for my friends and my True Love to appear. Luna, Echo and Accalia entered. Where was Lycan? Had he left me? Where was he. I scanned the room for traces of him. I couldn't see him. I couldn't smell him, but I could feel that he had been in the room recently. I smelled cinnamon, and mint. The room sparkled a little.  "Where is Lycan?"

Echo looked down to the ground and shuffled her feet, as if she knew.


"I gave him a spell to wake you, and in consequence he lost his humanity. He sacrificed his humanity for you. But if he kills 25 people in 25 days he will be the old Lycan."


'"No, No ,No! Echo you had no right!'


"I told him he wasn't ready. I would've gladly taken his place." I cried softly.


"How long since he performed the spell?"


"Two days we gave you something so you could have a restful sleep. You were in the Death Sleep for a week."


"How many people has he killed?"


"Twelve. Oh he attacked Terry! He didn't kill her but he killed everyone else in Strike em Down!" Luna wailed.


"This means he’ll be his old self soon." Accalia said weakly. Had he killed someone we knew well"


"Who were they? Who did he kill?"


"Snow please, if we tell you, you'll never look at him the same."


"Just tell me or give me a newspaper." I forced myself to stand up despite the agonizing pain I was in, especially my side; I grabbed the folded up newspaper from Accalia, and read to my horror the names of Lycan's victims the name that popped was Ralph, the owner of the bowling alley. I forced myself to stay standing.  All the while thinking this couldn't be true. Lycan couldn't be capable of this. But I knew that without his humanity Lycan was capable of evil, pure evil. My only love was on a rampage, fighting to get his humanity back. I wanted to curl up and cry, I wanted to blame myself. But he did this for me, I have to support him. The best I can. For the sake of both our sanities.





I woke up in the woods in back of Strike em Down and was covered in blood. Flashes of the night before came back as did tidbits of my humanity. I felt a small amount of remorse for those I had slaughtered. Terry I knew was injured but her husband, Ralph was dead, and inside of my digestive track. I couldn't change back into my human form I needed to kill more people, good people otherwise it wouldn't work. I would hunt tonight I needed my humanity. I sniffed around me, a campsite with the exact number of people I needed to kill. The wolf inside me growled with delight, while the small percentage of human in me whined in horror. As night fell I came out of hiding. Being an all black wolf I had the night and darkness on my side. I saw a small girl maybe seven, an innocent person who didn't deserve to die, and then I saw Travis Dillenholer that was his sister. I attacked; I tore her to bits in front of him, hoping that I released her to a world with the D-bag brother. Before he could reach for a weapon I snapped his neck with my teeth. He died slowly because I didn't sever him completely. I turned to the rest of his family and his current girlfriend's family. I saw Charity Bell and she screamed alerting her family. Good my victims are coming to me. I was much bigger than an average wolf and I could kill them all. But there was more than I needed. I will kill Charity for sure. The rest of the Dillenholer’s and the rest of the Bell's I would leave Charity's best friends. I attacked and before they could even take a last breath they were dead.


I felt something change inside of me like a part of me was being sewn back into my soul. My humanity has returned I raced back to Luna's where Snow had been staying and changed there. I was a human again and I was covered in blood and lots of it. I raced a crossed the street to my home and showered and got fresh clothes to change into. My humanity is back, those three days were horrid, and the people I killed didn't deserve to die the way they did. When I got out of the shower I puked up the remains of my victims, they didn't settle well with my human stomach, I was ghostly pale when I finished vomiting and I grabbed a ginger ale from the pantry and went to Luna's.





I sensed a change, in the air and in the traces of Lycan in the room. I heard the doorbell ring and I raced passed everyone to the front door. There in the porch light perfect and handsome as ever was Lycan. My true love standing before me. Blood free and hair dripping from a recent shower. His eyes betrayed what he had been through, He was no longer an innocent Guardian, he had killed innocents and it’s all my fault.


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