There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


13. Wake up Lu





Unlike the rest of her prophecies, Luna didn't wake up. We carried her up to her room, and woke our parents. We were afraid for her, and hoped that she would wake before the All Powerful One brought us to his dimension and killed or kidnapped one of us. Before those we loved were killed, and before someone had to make a decision that could change our lives forever. I was lost in the game we called Life. I had to become the supernatural war hero everyone thought I was, what they thought my traitorous grandmother was. I watched as Luna slept, it wasn't the Death Sleep, I knew that for certain, she would've been changing uncontrollably not sleeping peacefully the way she was now.



I didn't hear the door open like I normally would have. I was too upset at the sight of my cousin and best friend looking so frail and weak on her bed spread. I turned and saw Echo inching closer. I wiped the tears away before she could see and I released Luna's hand from my grasp.


"I suppose you want to spend some time with her."


"Snow, she's your cousin, I don't have any right to derail you from spending time with her."


"I have to use the bathroom anyway." I got up and kissed Luna's forehead and left the room. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. What had Luna done to deserve this? I mean way must she be the Oracle, the first of her kind? What if this 'gift' killed her? A sudden burst of pure anger flooded through my veins and I slammed my fist into the mirror, shattering it into millions of glass shards and crystals. My reflection was like looking through bug eyes, splintered into millions of shapes, personalities and fates. I let my tears and anger fall freely. I sat on the ground surrounded by mini me's.


I didn't hear the knocks on the door, or the many 'Are you okay’s’. I just sat there suffering for Luna, and our fate. We didn't ask to be Guardians. Our fate was chosen for us. We had no choice but to save the world that didn't deserve it. I finally did hear the familiar voice that could save me from anything. The only reason I kept on doing what I had been, keeping strong, taking charge. Powering through.


"Snow? Come out, she woke up." Lycan called through the door. I got up and looked at my bloodied hands and ran cold water over them and cleaned up the glass with a towel, and opened the door. He looked at my face, then the broken mirror and pulled me into his arms and let me cry into his chest.


"Lycan, how can we survive this? What did we do to deserve this?" he didn't say anything at first, and then he whispered simply,


"I don't know, Snow I really don't know." This made me cry even harder.


"She's awake?"


"Yes, Lu woke up an hour ago. She asked where you were."


"Oh, do our parents know the new prophecy?"




"What do they think?"


"Their scared Snow. So am I." I looked up at him and he was scared, he couldn't hide his emotions from everyone, especially me.


"Do you remember when we were six and you stole my chalk and I bit you?"


"Yes and our parents laughed. It makes sense now. We were wolf children it was natural."


"Yeah, and you never stole from me again, until you stole my heart." I smiled realizing how corny that sounded. He didn't laugh, instead he kissed me.


"Yes. I stole your heart, and you stole mine. I'm forever yours Snow." I smiled and pulled him towards where I had left Luna hours before. I walked into the room and Luna had been propped up against the head board with pillows. When she saw me she smiled,



"Snow! Oh I'm so sorry for scaring you that way."


"Luna, its fine. The Prophecy do you remember saying it?"


"What prophecy? I recited a prophecy?"


"Uh yes, and it was scary as hell!" Accalia said.


"What was it?" I took a deep breathe and recited the prophecy.




"One sleeps its true

One shall fall that is also the case.

Four of the Moon must search for what is lost.

One of the Moon will be terribly lost.

Fated to be just a Ghost.

Find her, and you will be saved,

The battle not yet won,

Will cost those who loved and lost

Two of the Moon,

Shall lose their love.

Only for it to be returned once more.

For this is my promise.

A promise I will keep."







"The battle is inching closer, I can feel it." Luna whispered.


"How long do we have?"


"Not long at all. In three full moons the battle will commence."


"Who will be lost?"


"Echo." Luna said turning her head towards the window as she let her tears flow. "You mustn't derail the prophecy from taking place no matter what. Do you understand?"


"Yes. Luna, in three months we'll be transported to this other dimension. Technically speaking you're the only one who's been there."


"It's a dreadful place Snow, it’s hot, and dry. So damn dry. In the palace itself where the Dragon King slumbers is made of rock and pumice. The walls ooze with red hot lava. When we do go there keep away from the walls."


"Alright Lu, we promise. Get some rest."


"Resting seems pointless; I've wasted half the day already."


"Then come downstairs. The Council and the Elders will probably have some regime to go over anyway regarding the newest prophecy." I said rolling my eyes. I helped her to her feet and she wiped her tears.


"I'll be fine I promise. Snow, you and Lycan must lead us to victory. If we do not win, everyone dies."


"Okay Luna." I said not looking at her but at Lycan instead. I silenced the thoughts that swarmed my head like hungry bees, and led my friends with dignity to face our parents and grandparents.



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