There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


18. Transport to a different Realm





I woke up in my bed. I ran to the study, to see if the Elders could transport me to the Dragon Realm.  With my luck I couldn’t get there without a blood sacrifice. I pounded on the door repeatedly until Snow’s grandfather opened the door, sleep crusting his eyes.


“Yes Luna?” he did a double take, like he knew I shouldn’t be here.


“I need your help.”


“I can see that Luna. Come in." I followed him in, and the rest of the Elders woke.


"Malcolm? What is happening why is the Oracle not in the Dragon Realm?" Lycan's grandmother said.


"We do not know. We must hurry and make a portal. Without Luna, the rest of the Guardians are in grave danger." I suddenly knew where Snow's mother got her telepathic ability. Malcolm had read my mind. The Elders stood in a circle, and Malcolm placed me in the center.


"Cape hoc puella

Per hanc porta

Ad regnum hostis nostri

Sino eam videre

Quae non videntur

Permittere eam vincere

Nostri hostem superat maximum.

Throught porta

Jacta cum nostris interlocking manus

Tolle eam, sustentet eam.

In hoc proelio prophetavit verum."


They began to chant in Latin and I felt myself change into my grey wolf and their hands glowed blue. My eyes closed and when they reopened I was in the Dragon Realm. I ran towards the castle and Snow was still walking slowly, I scooped her up and continued to run. Hopefully the castle was air conditioned. I saw Lycan shaking off the sweat that had appeared on his fur and look at us, glad to see some of his friends.



Where's Accalia and Echo? he asked.


I'm here. I heard the familiar voice of Echo


Accalia was captured last night. Its a trap, but we know now so we have a chance. We're about to get really strong. I explained.


How did you get here?


The Elders made a portal because I was left behind.


We have rescue Accalia.


She's in the dungeon. She's been paralyzed so she can't change. I saw parts of a dream, the son of the All Powerful One is in love with her, if we find him, he will help us.


What's his name?  Snow asked hopping down from my back.


Tyler. Now we have to get going. Snow led the way inside the castle. When the doors opened no one was there. We should spilt up.


Are you crazy? Lycan cried.


Come on, the four of us will find what we need faster if we spilt up.


She's right. You and Echo go on.


I think the Alphas should go with the weaker wolves. To make it fair. Luna you understand right?


Yea totally. I'll go with Snow and you go with Lycan.


How about Luna goes with Lycan.


Does it matter?


It does to me. Snow said.


Fine, Luna come on. Snow I love you. Be safe the two of you.


Luna, be safe. I love you. You too Lycan.


Love you Echo, be safe you two.






We ran off in different directions. Luna and Lycan we're off to the dungeons. Echo and I were off to find this Tyler character. My uncle. Some family reunion. 'Hey uncle Tyler, uh we're here to kill your dad and uh we need your help.' I saw a room, the doors opened and soft sobbing was coming through the opening. I peaked my head around the corner and saw a young boy around my age and he was crying.


"I know you are there young Guardians."


I yelped in surprise and crept closer.


"I will not harm you. I want my father dead as well. He has captured Accalia, the woman I love."


I transformed back into my human form and wrapped a lone towel around me.


"How? You have never met her."


"I used to attend school with you. Played football with Lycan, and from a distance loved Accalia."


"I know who you are, you got straight A's and you were known as the handsomest boy in town. You're my half uncle."


"I suppose so. Hello Snow, will you help me kill my father the All Powerful One, the Hidden Dragon?"


"Yes I will. I am not afraid of a lizard."


"We must reunite the Guardians though. Come to the dungeons."


"Lycan and Luna are already there."


"Yes, but I have the key. Transform once more." He stood and transformed himself into a wolf, with fiery eyes and fiery fur.


Follow me. Careful of the fire.


Yes Uncle.


Just call me Tyler. We ran from the room and ran into the cellar, it was even hotter down there, the deeper we went the hotter it became.


It's so hot.


Welcome to Hell


You're joking, right?




Afraid not. We left the Dragon Realm two stair cases ago. We're almost there.














~The Dungeons~




We made it to the dungeons and Lycan and Luna were slamming their bodies into the bars, as Accalia watched. She spotted the fiery wolf and smiled. It was a knowing smile like she knew who it was.


"Tyler," she whispered. He hurried and transformed pulled the key from around his neck and unlocked the door. He picked her up and carried her out of the cell. "You came. All of you came for me." she whispered.


"Of course we did." he said. He kissed her and her natural color came back, and she started to grow fur. Something in his kiss revived Accalia to the point where she was stronger than she ever was before she was trapped in this castle. I looked over to Tyler and was smiling the brightest smile, it rivaled Lycan’s when he says ‘I love you’ to me. Tyler looked like he was luckiest fire/dragon/wolf hybrid alive. He was the only hybrid of that nature alive. He released her, and she was her wolf. He transformed and said,


Let's go end this fucking war! we ran off towards the chambers of the All Powerful One. We were going to end this war. Whether we won or lost he was going to die.


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