There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


9. Training with the Council



"RAISE AND SHINE YOUNG GUARDIANS! TIME TO START YOUR TRAINING!" the sound of my mother woke me, Snow was sleeping a the couch, her arm draped over the side where I had been holding the hand attached to it. She woke up her hair a mess.


"What time is it?" she asked sleep clogging her throat. I checked my discarded phone,


"4:30 in the morning." I said I got up and I noticed that Luna stood on the steps looking at the still sleeping form of Echo who had fallen asleep at the computer. "Come Snow. You heard my mom, time to start training and with Placksworth gone they'll be the one's training us." She looked up at me and groaned. I picked up my shirt and pulled it over my head.


"Good morning Lycan dear, I'm sorry for waking you but the sooner we start the better."


"Did Luna have another vision?"


"Yes, yes she did, this time she was the All Powerful One." my mother walked away to wake Echo who could sleep through an atomic bomb explosion. Snow stood up and placed her hand in mine.


"To the backyard?"


"I'm not sure exactly." I walked up to Marcus, Snow's father. "Hello sir, where um exactly do we go?"


"Backyard." was all he said. He glanced at his daughter once before returning to the study with Luna's father. We followed the mothers outside and they all lined up in a row. Their eyes flashed different colors, orange, red, blue, purple, and pink. Five wolves stood in front of us, my mother Lena stood in the front. The wolf with red eyes was my mother. She was black as night and a good 250 pounds without all the muscle, the same with the rest of them. Snow changed into her snow white wolf with the aqua eyes and everyone else followed. It was clear to all of us who our leader was. Accalia stood glaring at her mother's wolf form; she was still in her human form. I didn't know what her problem was, being half wolf was cool, it was a freedom that not many people could experience, Snow glared Accalia in the eye and Accalia sniffed and changed into her chocolate brown wolf. 


'Good now that all five of you are wolves we may begin our training.' I heard Snow's mother's voice in my head.


‘Accalia you will begin. Since you were the last to transform. Snow had to use her Alpha role against you.’ I heard Accalia's mother scold. I spoke up, not exactly sure how to communicate with a different pack.


'What will we be doing today mother?' I waited to see if there was any sign of them receiving the message.


'Battle stimulation.' that was my answer.


'But we've battled so many times before!' Accalia whined.


'Yes but I ended saving you ass' Snow snapped back. I chuckled and laid down. Waiting for the cat fight to be over.


'ENOUGH. Accalia and Snow you will battle each other.' I saw Snow give Accalia the 'you're going down' look and I knew that Accalia was not going to win. Snow and I were the best fighters, no offense to Echo and Luna.






I chuckled a low menacing laugh. I circled Accalia finding her weakest spot so I could attack. I knew where to attack. I knew that Accalia would resort to provocation, but I knew that I was better than her. My mission was not to kill nor injure just to pin her down for three measly seconds.  I found my attack point and went for it; Accalia didn't even see it coming.


I heard my mother telling the other's exactly what I was doing. In conversations I've had with her, she told be she was telepathic, or more so then the rest of us. She was blocking out Accalia though so she couldn't be told what I doing. Accalia was down in seconds my teeth gently pinching her throat and my front paws pressed against her chest. She struggled to get back up but it was useless. I was the stronger one. The more Unspeakables you kill yourself the stronger you get. So Lena Johnston killed a lot of Unspeakables herself. I counted three seconds and released her by throwing her a good two feet.


Accalia was on her feet in seconds and shook of the dirt that littered her fur. Lycan looked at me in awe and I smiled to myself.


'Good work Snow. Accalia pay attention. Snow took advantage of your weakness.'


‘Who's next?' I said happily.


'No one against you Snow, we know you can battle. Lycan needs to prove himself. Lycan don't be afraid to hurt them. They heal fast. But to make you feel better I'll have you battle Marcus.' his mother said. Oh my God she's having my boyfriend fight my father? I saw a silver wolf with indigo eyes come out of the shadows. My father. He nodded in my direction enough to say 'I won't hurt him' I laid down on the dewy grass and watched the play fight between my true love and my father.






I was worried that they would make me fight Snow or worse...Echo. I wasn't the greatest fight but I was for sure better than Accalia. Snow is amazingly strong with what killing four Unspeakables? Lycan killed one by himself, so far they’re the strongest in the group and Snow is the Alpha female, and Lycan the Alpha male, mainly because he's the only guy. I wondered if there were different packs of Guardians. I thought there would be since there are so many countries and continents to protect.


Lycan was fighting Marcus, Snow's father. He was doing pretty well, he pinned Marcus down twice but it didn't hold for three seconds. Marcus must've killed thousands of Unspeakables to be this strong. I saw Snow; she was covering her eyes with a paw, not wanting to watch the fight. Finally Marcus pinned Lycan down for three seconds and the fight was over. Lycan could battle, but he needed to kill more Unspeakables, but the All Powerful One put them all on Lock Down especially after Natasha. She wasn't even that late. But that was one less Unspeakable we had to deal with.


I heard my name called, along with Echo's. Great I was battling the woman I loved. At least I knew her weaknesses.


'I won't hurt you, I promise Lu.' I heard her inside my head


'I know you won't.'



Echo won.


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