There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


5. The Vision




I received Luna's call just as I was stepping out of the shower, she told to call Lycan and the others I didn't know what for so I assumed it was something dire, I dialed Lycan's number told him to meet me at Luna's and to call Snow and Accalia. I hurried to dress, and after deciding not to drive with Snow and Accalia and Lycan I grabbed my keys to my never driven before Porsche. I hurried down my curving stairs and slipped on my flip flops. I drove like a bat out of hell. Luna needed me, my Luna Lu needed me.





I was sleeping and my phone woke me up, it was Echo, seriously? She breaks up with me and she still calls at seven in the morning on a Saturday? I picked up thinking it must be important.


"Yes? Echo what is it?" she was crying.


"Luna just called she sounded really upset and she wants us all at her house like immediately she didn't elaborate or anything but could you call the girls?"


"Yes of course. Do you need a ride?"


"No, no I have my Porsche. I'll see you guy’s soon." she hung up and I got up and threw on the first clothing items I saw. I finally looked down and noticed I grabbed two shirts and no pants. I hurried back into my room and grabbed a pair of black jeans. I dialed Snow's number and told her everything Echo told me. She said she understood and hung up already dialing Accalia's number. I raced down the stairs and rushed out the door, running next door to Luna's home. I knocked rapidly on the door and I waited and I turned and saw that Echo pulled to the curb, and Snow and Accalia as well and they rushed up the stairs to greet me,


"Echo what the hell is going on?" Snow said.


"I don't know anything more than you Snow." just then the door opened and Luna's mother was standing there.


"I'm terribly sorry for the wait, my husband is busy calling the Elders, and I was making tea. But my daughter did say come in. I suppose you were too busy arguing."


"Sorry Mrs. Everett." We hurried inside and followed the sound of Luna's weak voice.


"Luna! What happened?" I said. She looked up and smiled faintly. She motioned with her hands that her voice was fading rapidly. Her father and Mr. Placksworth walked through the doors and her father explained to us the Elders would join us on Speaker Phone.


"Now my daughter this morning was getting ready for breakfast when she was overcome with a vision of the future."


"Darling please let Luna drink her tea so she can tell the vision."


"Alright." Mrs. Everett gave Luna the tea cup and helped her down it. After a moment Luna opened her mouth and said,


"Thank you all for coming on such short and early notice."


"No problem you’re our friend no matter what Luna." Accalia said sweetly. Luna looked up surprised at Accalia.


"Well this morning well a few hours ago really, I was getting up to change my bandage, and well it was healed. I went to change my clothes and I had this overcoming feeling of the gravity of the room increasing around me, and then I was falling to the ground the vision already beginning."


"Okay but what was the vision?" Echo said impatiently.



"I'm getting there. Okay so the vision was like this,


The cliffs were high above the five wolves, they were searching, looking for the one they must defeat. Fire and brimstone surrounded the saviors the All Powerful One cowered in the shadows waiting plotting his attack; picking out the weakest link, Echo whose emotions were in turmoil, and the strongest who Snow, the purest of them all. One shall fail one shall become the Most Powerful." Her eyes had turned all black and her voice was almost demonic in nature.




I was super scared of Luna's vision voice, it made goose bumps all over my body somehow I knew this wasn't right, no Guardian was supposed to be able to do this! Only Elder's had the power to make prophecies and visions. I sat down next to her on the couch and took her hands in mine, knowing full well that Echo was there.


"Luna when did these visions start?"


"Today, but what's funny is that last night I was attacked by that Unspeakable, today I had that vision."


"Maybe she passed on her knowledge from her creator to you." Mr. Placksworth said.


"How do you mean sir, how would an Unspeakable be able to do something such as this?"


"According to Guardian records Lycan, older and more powerful Unspeakables have certain gifts I am understanding that you killed a very, very old and powerful Unspeakable. What did she look like exactly?"


"She was blonde, sucking on my ex boyfriend's face, she had cloudy blue eyes and mint cover up breath."


"Yep I know who she is. She is the one who cursed me years ago. Her name was Victoria Xa she was created I believe 1500 years ago. She was a Chinese Princess Warrior. Her mother was a witch and Victoria inherited the ability to see the future."


"You mean she saw that she was going to be turned into this grotesque creature?"


"Yes I believe so but I'm not 1500 years old Lycan!"


"You said before she cursed you, how?"


"When I was sixteen I fell in love with her, and I found out what she was and I tried to break it off but she used her witchy powers and turned me into an old man. That was 16 years ago and well I'm still a sixteen year old boy just trapped in a fifty something man's body and only true love's kiss can break it."


"You can't be serious." I said.


"Oh but I am Accalia."


"Okay so have you found your true love?"


"I well the curse entitles me to fall in love with a sixteen year old girl."


"WHAT!" Snow screeched.” But you’re like fifty! And anyway sixteen years later you'd still be at least in your thirties."


"He would be 32." Lycan snarled. "Now tell us who you have fallen in love with before I rip out your throat." Lycan rushed at him and pinned him against the stairway wall. "Tell us." from where I stood I could see his fangs had grown and were inches from Placksworth's throat.


"Placksworth just tell him!" Luna cried.




The sight in front me was terrifying. My boyfriend was going to kill our mentor. I closed my eyes but not my ears because I heard Mr. Placksworth's voice whisper,


"Snow." Lycan's eyes flashed gold and he released him only because he was transforming into his wolf form. Tears fell from my eyes. I ran to Lycan to calm him to tell him I loved him but if this would help Mr. Placksworth then I had to do it. Lycan's eyes and teeth returned to normal and he stood. He looked to Placksworth and pulled me into his arms and kissed me for the first time in front of our friends and family to make Mr. Placksworth jealous, I was mad. I pushed away from him and walked over to Mr. Placksworth.


"What's your real name?"


"Trevor Aguirre."


"Okay Trevor." I leaned over and kissed him quickly or I meant to but he pulled me to him and wouldn't let go. I realized that I loved him, and I loved Lycan. When we pulled apart he wasn't my principle, he was a handsome sixteen year old boy with dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes. I backed away and into Lycan's arms.


"Thank you Snow."


"Trevor I hope you know that I can never be with you. It would be way too weird and I love Lycan."


"I understand. I will continue to mentor you and save your furry asses for society." He stormed out. I collapsed into Lycan's arms.


"Hey you did a good thing okay. You let him down easy."


"You broke his curse right?" Accalia said. "He's short of cute."


"What so you want him?" Snow said "You can fucking have him." she sneered


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