There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


14. The Sacred Promise





I strode into the living room which had become command central in the upcoming days until the battle beside Snow. Our parents smiled at us, proud we had slid into our alpha roles easily. Luna shook in Echo's arms as we made our way to the couches. The Elder's showed no emotion in their ever uncaring eyes. They were all afraid. This new prophecy was shaking them to the core. I sat and Snow sat as close as possible to me without sitting on top of me. She looked at me and smiled softly, a smile that didn't do anything to reassure me, it just made me worry more. What if we didn't win? No one spoke, or made any sound towards a discussion. It was already unsettling because the Elders had left the study, something they rarely did. I looked into my own grandfather's eyes and he stared right back not afraid to show the fear that was clearly etched into his green eyes that matched my own. My grandmother she looked just like my father, uncaring. I didn't hesitate.


"So, this new prophecy sure has everyone spooked." I waited and finally Snow's mother stood along with her father Marcus, the former Alphas.


"A new prophecy in the same generation is close to impossible. Unheard of. The last time this happened was when we lost Snow's grandmother." I quickly glanced at Snow's grandfather. His eyes glazed over with tears and he quietly left the room. Snow looked after him, she knew something they didn't. Luna followed her gaze with the same knowing look.


"Snow, do you know something we don't?"


"What are you talking about?"


"About your grandmother," She looked uncomfortable and looked at Luna quickly.


"It's not my secret to tell." She said simply. "It was her decision," she added quietly.


"What are talking about Snow?" my mother said,


"Lena, its nothing!"


"Tell us!"


"My grandmother isn't dead." Snow's grandfather had just come back into the room and he heard what she said.


"Don't be saying lies girl!" he screamed. His eyes flashing teal,


"It's not a lie Grandfather! Even ask Luna."


"Luna?" his hurt expression reached Luna.


"It’s true. She betrayed you all." Luna whispered.


"Tell us," my mother whispered.


"Before the Elders found out they were Guardians, and The All Powerful One knew he was a dragon they were in love."




"That's what I said." Snow said.


"They were torn apart destined to kill one another. They advised a plan for which her death would be staged. She had already produced an heir so when the battle came the All Powerful One killed an all white wolf while she hid in a nearby cave to sound the alarm. She would be talking telepathically to some other wolf and then abruptly cut off. She goes by Ana now."


"Wait the sex slave you described before?" Luna's mother piped up. Snow's grandfather was in a rage now.


"Grandfather! Please calm yourself!"


"Elder Malcolm control yourself."


"I will not! My mate cheats on me with that demon scum!  Fakes her death and abandons us! Allowing us to mourn her! Celebrate her as a war hero! She will die for this! How many nights have I stayed away thinking of the ways I could have saved her? How many nights did I wake and wonder if our child would ask one day where her mother was? And for what? To find out she's been shacking up with some reptile?"




"Lycan, perhaps now is not the correct time to express your views." my mother said, clearly afraid. I shut up immediately. I didn't want the wrath of Elder Malcolm released onto me. Snow looked at me the same scared expression on her face as my mother.


"Grandfather, please it was an arranged Mate. She was not happy. Now I am not defending her actions I do believe if she was that unhappy she could have chosen a less treacherous affair. I do approve of this and Grandfather if you wish her dead she will die at my hand er paw." Snow said. Her speech brought with it deafening silence. 




"Mother please. She betrayed our kind. She deserves the fate reserved for the Unspeakables."


"Think of whom you’re sentencing to death!" her mother cried once more.


"I've never met her, neither have you. She betrayed us. She deserves to die along with the All Powerful One." Snow's mother fell to her knees, whimpering.


"A promise with an Elder is binding. If you back down you will be in her place. Snow think about this. When you meet her on the battle field your heart will waver."


"It won't. I have seen betrayal before and I will not hesitate and stand by while Grandfather hurts." Snow stood and walked briskly from the room. Leaving us all in shock besides Malcolm of course, He smiled, gleeful that his revenge on his former mate would be fulfilled by his grand daughter. I looked after the retreating forms of Malcolm and Snow saddened at the prospect of Snow tainting her heart by killing her grandmother. Ana that was her name now. She was as good as an Unspeakable. I stood, and said,


"What is done is done, I'll make sure that Snow follows through." I walked out the front door and disappeared into the darkest of nights.









I walked up to the study and stood erect as a soldier would. My grandfather walked in and looked at me enough to say 'I hope you know what you're doing.' he stood a crossed from me as straight as he could in his advanced age and began the Sacred Promise.



"Do you Snow White Heathcliff Alpha female of the Prophecy Children, promise to uphold the promise not yet spoken?"


"I do."


"Do you promise to exterminate the one called Angelina Vincent also known as Ana?"


"I do."


"Do you promise to not hold back and go in for the kill no matter what?"


"I do."


"You are hereby sworn to the Sacred Promise; to break it would result in death. Are you prepared?"


"I am."


"Will you not hold back?"


"I will not hold back."


"Do you swear?"


"I do!"


"Good, my grand daughter. You are bound to your words spoken on this day."


"Yes Grandfather."


"You may leave." I left the room and went to the room closest to the back of the house, facing the woods. I looked out the window and I thought I saw a lone wolf up on Wolf Ridge howling at the moon. I shook the image from my mind and returned down stairs. My mother looked at me-pity in her eyes, I shook off the look, I didn't need her pity, I needed her support. Her mother betrayed our kind, and for that she would die, my mother was weak. I saw Echo and Luna whispering in the corner and Accalia looking through the channels on the television. I couldn't find Lycan or the rest of the parents.


"Where is Lycan?" I asked no one in particular.


"Dunno, he took off about an hour or so ago."


"Which way?"


"The forest, where else?" So there had been a wolf on Wolf Ridge, it just so happened to my mate.


"Thank you." I took off into the night, to find Lycan. I don't know what had suddenly overcome me, but the sudden need to be with him had overcome my other emotions. I changed in my wolf as I jumped from the back porch and flew into the dark forest. No stars and the moon was being covered by clouds shaped oddly like dragons. I howled into the night and waited for a return. I did, but not from the one I sought. This wasn't Lycan's howl this was another Guardian, an older one, one long forgotten, lost one might say.



How beautiful you are.


How disgustingly Unspeakablish you are. I growled in return.


You have your grandfather’s humor. Dull. I howled in anger and lunged into the darkness. I didn't know who I was attacking but for the first time I was losing...




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