There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


6. The Curse is Broken and a New One sets In.



I looked around the room at everyone and touched my lips that had lifted the curse from Mr. Placksworth... I mean Trevor. I felt weak and started to fall, luckily Lycan caught me. Accalia glanced at me and left the room quickly no doubt trying to catch up to our former principal. The thought of them actually together made me want to vomit. Luna got up from where she sat and said,


"In the vision, you and Lycan uh were tense. Like you just had a fight, But you guys are tense now, so I think the fight is going to be soon." I looked at Luna and then at Lycan.


"We have to train, 24/7. We can't have a normal life." I spoke in a voice that was almost foreign to me.


"Make sure Accalia stays away from cheerleading and other distractions." I said



“How odd, Mr. Placksworth was a sixteen year old kid underneath.” Luna said in a day-dreamy voice.


“He’s been sixteen for sixteen years Luna.” Lycan spat.


“So this kind of reminded me of Sleeping Beauty, except Mr.Placksworth is a guy.” Echo said.


“Yes and I’m not a handsome prince.” I said.






I couldn't believe I was right about Placksworth. I speculated that he was hiding something but I never expected him to be cursed by a vampire.  I grabbed Snow around her waist and whispered in her ear,


"I love you; just remember that in each and every tough time and fight." I heard her sigh in relief like she thought I no longer loved her." I will always love you my Snow White."


"Let's get out of here just in case there are consequences of breaking the stupid curse."


"Snow just remember we're training tomorrow right after Final Exams!" Echo called after us.


"No problem Echo." I called back at her." So Snow Angel where we going?"



"I like the nick name. Well Echo and Luna woke us up so early uh how about the park."


"Sounds romantic I guess. I was thinking a run."


"In broad daylight. Okay sounds fun." Snow ran off into the back yard of an abandoned house. I hurried after her hoping not to be seen. I heard something no human could and stopped. I transformed and made my way into the house's cellar. I sent a mental note for help to Snow.


'Something bad in the cellar of this house.'


'I'm coming.' I sat in the shadows waiting for her. I heard something move above me and I switched into battle mode. I went up the dark staircase and listened. There was a loud growl and a hiss. Snow had found an Unspeakable. I barged into the kitchen and saw an Unspeakable and Trevor tied to a chair, duct tape over him mouth. The Unspeakable spoke to the white wolf on the ground. Snow, she was hurt or was she faking?


"Now my pretty I will kill him, he broke my creator’s heart. Then maybe I will kill you. By the time you're boyfriend works up the courage to save him it'll be too late."


'Lycan don't do anything stupid, do not save Trevor.' I agreed with her, I wasn't going to risk my life to save this two faced lying bastard. I heard the audible sound of a neck breaking and a man's cut off scream.


"You see my pretty it wasn't that bad."  The Unspeakable said as she licked Trevor's blood from her hands. I ran fast as lightening and opened the shades in the kitchen letting sunshine come in. The Unspeakable screamed in agony and her skin began to boil and blister and she exploded, her contents hanging from the walls, and hell-fire left a blackened circle where she exploded, I shook myself off and transformed back so I could carry Snow over to Luna's. She yelped in pain. I had no idea what happened to her but I had to hurry I couldn't let her die. I didn't notice I had no clothes. Until it was too late,








I made my way into the kitchen from a hole in one of the windows. In the kitchen I heard an argument there were no wolf noises so it wasn't Lycan. I recognized one of the voices; it was the former Mr. Placksworth now Trevor Aguirre I snarled. I hated him for falling in love with me. Why couldn't he have fallen for Accalia? I snuck into the kitchen and saw an Unspeakable, she couldn't have been too old, and because her skin wasn't as grotesque as the first one I battled. She still was pretty enough to be considered freshly dead. I learned that instead of becoming more beautiful, vampires or this species of vampire become more and more ugly and grotesque looking. They become stronger but more stupid as well. They forget what time period they're in. This Unspeakable looked like she knew still was time era it was. She wore hot pink skinny jeans and Save the Planet and Hug a Panda t-shirt. Her hair was braided down the side and she wore bright blue eye shadow and lipstick. Her converses were covered in blood.


"You little boy killed my creator's heart, she was never the same after you. Victoria wanted to kill you but she loved you too much."


"You're kind isn't capable of love!" Trevor spat.


"Hello my pretty, Here to save him? Ah you must be the one who broke the curse. You're probably mad at him? I'll let you have the first bite." Snow looked up disgust in her eyes at this seemingly beautiful creature. She hated Trevor but she hated this Unspeakable's fashion sense even more.


'No. I'll take a stab at you first.'


"Big mistake my pretty." Before Snow could even launch herself at the monster, the Unspeakable slashed her newly healed side cutting open the scars. She howled in pain and fell to the floor unable to move. She laid there waiting for Lycan to find her. She knew that Trevor didn't stand a chance he was good as dead. She heard the basement door explode open and something black and misty come to the door way. Lycan. She sent him a mental warning and he didn't attack. Instead when Trevor's life ended and the Unspeakable sucked him dry he bolted to the covered window and pulled up the shades. Bright sunlight came in and the Unspeakable exploded. Red blood and hell fire droplets landed on her and she winced, not crying out in pain. She looked over to Lycan now in human form. He was naked. She tried to avert her eyes but it was too late. She had seen everything-again. I pretended as if I had passed out from the pain which is believable. I felt him pick me up and him running to a different location, Luna's maybe? Since that's where we left everyone.




I hurried inside Luna's house and noticed everyone sitting in the living room watching the 40 year old virgin. I walked in just as he was showing off his naked form in the movie. Everyone turned when Mrs. Everett came into the room bearing snacks. I looked down and saw that there was a naked girl covered in blood in my arms and I was also naked.


"We were attacked. Placksworth is dead. Killed by Victoria's offspring."


"Oh my god Snow!"


"Snow was injured. The damn Unspeakable was too damn fast. Cut open her stitches."


"Alright everyone off the couch!" Mrs. Everett cried. "Set her down and go find some clothes."


"Yes ma'am." I set her down as gently as I could and kissed her forehead. I ran up the stairs and borrowed a t-shirt and jeans from Mr. Everett. I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I opened it and saw Echo there leaning against the opposite wall to the door.


"What do you want Echo? Haven't you broken me enough?"


"Lycan come on I just want to know what happened!"


"I heard a noise I went after it. I got stuck in the basement and called for help and Snow tried to save Placksworth again and she got hurt." I shoved past her and ran down the stairs taking two at a time. In the living room Mrs. Everett had stitched up Snow again and was looking up all of Victoria's family line. Her last known Vampire was named Amelia Coppers she was made forty years ago. There was a picture and sure enough it was the dead bitch from next door.


"Amelia, she's dead now. Wow Victoria's line has been wiped out completely."


"Maybe not, Edward Verico has gone missing this book is magical and knows when each dies but there are glitches."


"Alright whatever. What about Snow is she going to be okay?"


"Amelia has poison in her talons, she paralyzed Snow's wolf."


"For how long?"


"Depends on the wound size."


"God, this is my entire fault."


"No stop it Lycan, you couldn't have known." but she looked away hiding her actual beliefs.


"No you don't believe that no one does. They blame me, they all do." that's all he said and he left and sat by Snow hoping she would wake. Knowing that if he wasn't her true love and Trevor Aguirre was there was no waking her up.









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