There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


19. The Awakening




I led the five guardians to my father's chambers. He wasn't expecting this, for them to know where to find him. He wasn't expecting them to live, and he was expecting this betrayal. Mother deserved her death, as did my father, he deserves this. I knocked down the door and we made a half circle around the opening to his bedroom. I growled, to let him know we were there. Snow said something directed towards him,


Come out Lizard you're outnumbered


I don't think I will. Killer of Love!


Come out! Fight like the lizard you are! Lycan snarled.


Young Lycan show some respect!


Just come out already you've been looking forward to this fight for two months! I cried.


Tyler? How could you betray me this way?


You locked up and paralyzed Accalia! After you promised you'd leave her alone! I called back.


It was so I could get them here.


NO! You shall die for your betrayal!


ATTACK! Snow screamed my father emerged and we pounced, Snow bit into his shoulder and I his face.


Good bye father. It was really nice betraying you. He started to grow and pulsate and he opened his arms and we flew backwards towards the doors. He was covered in scales and his mouth grew and narrowed, his teeth sharpened and grew to a good three inches and his body shot up to the ceiling and his tail grew and along with it spikes. His wings the cause of our temporary flying capability grew to a staggering ten foot width and he stood on his hind legs and reached the very top of the vaulted ceilings, which were at least thirty feet above the floors they now stood on.


We woke the dragon. Luna said.


Shit Echo said. I'm going to freaking die.


Don't say that sweetheart. Luna said consoling Echo.


Yes I am.


Run, run fast as you can and hide. Echo looked at Luna and stepped closer to her so that their snouts were inches apart.


If I am going to die, I will not die a coward.


I don't want to lose you.


It wouldn't have worked any how. You need to carry on the Guardian line. You can't possibly do that with me.


But I love you.


I know you do. I love you to. But its my destiny to disappear today. And it’s yours to find me or to carry on without me. Luna stepped even closer so that their noses touched.



How touching. Saying good bye even before the fun has even begun.



Leave them alone father! I screamed at the dragon. I kept Accalia away from him. It’s six against one. Give up!


Six puny Guardians against a thirty foot dragon! You should give up you traitorous flea bag!




You'd side with the one's that are responsible for your mother's death?


Mother deserved what she got! And in case you've forgotten, I'm your son. So therefore I'm half dragon. I let loose the monster buried deep within me, and I grew into the half wolf, half dragon I was meant to be. I knew I was hideous but at least now it was a fair fight. Prepare to meet your maker! I screamed before I attacked the monster that created me.






I watched as the wolf on fire grew to be more than just a wolf. It grew to be taller than the All Powerful One, and it was no longer resembling a wolf but a dragon, covered in fiery scales. I wasn't afraid but I found the fight slightly unfair. The Guardians were supposed to get in on the fight too, but with to thirty story dragons fighting to the death, we puny wolves stood on the ground cowering in the shadows until the All Powerful One was back in his humanoid form. I wouldn't really call it cowering per say, we were fighting off numerous Unspeakables as we waited. I saw that Accalia was looking over at Tyler an awful bunch. She really cared for him, like I cared for Snow. I saw one Unspeakable go after her, and I lunged.


You think that was very fair? I snarled at it before I bit its head clean off its shoulders. I heard a high pitched whine and I looked quickly to find the source of the cry. I saw her on her back, the tawny wolf. Echo. She was bleeding heavily and her breath was labored. I saw Luna cry out in horror, but she was too busy defending herself. I leapt into action and grabbed her by the extra skin on her neck and dragged her out of the fight. When we were in the clear I threw her onto my back and I ran her out of the room and I found another, it smelled of fire and brimstone, this was Tyler's room. By now she was back into her human form.


"Lycan you need to get back to the fight."


"I can't leave you Echo." I said after I transformed into my human form. I cradled her in my arms and placed her beneath the coverlet.


"You need to protect them. I'll be fine,"


"No. You're dying."


"You're so optimistic." I heard the dying sarcasm in her voice.


"No I'm a realist. Go to sleep."


"Lycan, tell Luna I love her."


"I will."


"Fight for me." I held back the tears as she took her last breath and almost as if she was sleeping her eyes closed and her breathing evened out.


"I will. I love you Echo, I always have I am so sorry for hurting you. You're like a sister to me. Were." I leaned down and kissed her forehead and I placed a rose on her chest. I transformed and ran back into the fight. Angry, I found the Unspeakable that had killed Echo and ripped its heart out with my teeth. Luna watched as I did so and she knew her love was dead. She sat in the middle of the floor of the fight and howled up towards the sky. A sign of a fallen Guardian. The two dragons stopped clawing at each other and the All Powerful One throws his grotesque head back and shot a column of fire into the air, he was celebrating Echo's death! Tyler took the opportunity and slit his throat with his mighty talons. The All Powerful One shrunk down to his normal size still alive, but barely. We the Guardians seized the opportunity to finish him.


Luna would you like the honor of ending him? I asked.


My pleasure. She snarled.


Have mercy!


Mercy? On you? Never. Snow whispered harshly. Luna jumped into the space between the not so powerful one and us. His little minions from Hell had just killed our dearest friend, Luna’s lover. My former lover, this monster was going to die for his mistakes, his life had been nothing but betrayal, blood lust and a hunger for power.


Any last words, destroyer of love?


May the guilt of this rest on your soul. he spat, Luna bit him on the temples and pulled back, severing the base of the neck from the shoulders. His head and neck hung limply in Luna's mouth, and as his blackened blood seeped into the cold stone floors, her eyes grew brighter, and changed from her blue to Echo's violet. Luna didn’t say anything or telepathically say anything instead she started to choke on the blood of the All Powerful One and she collapsed onto the floor, changing back into her human form. Her eyes were still violet. Snow ran over to her cousin’s side and picked her up.


“Take us to Reality Tyler.” She said.


“Alright everyone hold onto me.” Accalia grabbed his hand I held his shoulder trying not to touch him. Snow had his other hand with Luna cradled in her other.


“What about Echo’s body?”


“We’ll come back for it Lycan I promise.” Tyler whispered. He was concentrating on getting to the right dimension. He closed his eyes and we all did the same, mostly for the sake of trying to forget what had happened, and trying to think of a way to explain to Echo’s parents that we had let their little girl be killed in battle. I felt so guilty for leaving her behind, I wanted to bring her home. When we reopened our eyes we were standing on top of Wolf Ridge. Snow was the first to let go, she flipped Luna on her back and transformed at a run. We all followed her example. We howled into the night air to announce our approach. And to symbolize Echo’s death.



Tyler also had to be announced to the Elders and the Council as, Echo’s replacement. Or temporarily.








I didn't know exactly where I was. I knew in the dimension I was in I was dead. But here, where here was I wasn't dead. It wasn't the Paradise I had visited with Snow's grandmother Ana it was different. Strange, silent. Empty of colors of sound. Of people or wolves. Of laughter, of happiness, and even love. This wasn't a paradise at all. This was a living hell. I was naked, human, and alone.


"Luna where are you?"


I sat on the ground if you could even call it that, it was white. It seemed to be endless and voices that didn’t seem to belong to a body screamed at me, blaming me for their master’s death.


“I didn’t kill him! LUNA DID!” I cried into the vast open space. Not even my namesake came back to me. There was only emptiness, a feeling I knew far too well. I curled up into the fetal position and tried to shun the voices that kept on coming, they were so loud in the all too quiet area that my ears begun to bleed, and it cascaded down into my blonde hair, turning it to a morbid crimson. The color of death, of anger the only emotion allowed to exist here. Here in the Nether Realm. I began to curse the name that was the cause of my damnation, the All Powerful One, Selvatore the Unspeakable King, the Lord of the Dragons, The Dead One.


I had no one to blame but myself in the harsh reality I was thrust into. I had decided to stay. I had decided to die the ‘honorable’ death. Luna tried to save me. The girl I once loved. Now I had no recollection of the feeling the supposedly strongest emotion in the universe for a Guardian girl named after the moon goddess. I knew she would never stop looking for me, but my fear was that she would take so long, that I would have completely forgotten how to love. Off in the distance I heard the cries of a young girl who had lost someone she loved. That girl was me, as I died next to Lycan on Tyler’s bed in Dragon Castle. I had mentally screamed when he said he would always love me. As a sister. Then a stronger voice, a musical voice broke through the strangled screams of the tortured and the ever present anger, this voice was my favorite of the voices. This voice belonged to Luna. I could hear her, where ever she was, I didn’t know if that meant I was dead, or simply because she was that strong after killing the All Powerful One.



She was crying, as was everyone else. Through her I could hear the rest of my friends as they all set out to search for me. It felt as if I was light years away, not just separated by the paper thin curtain of the dimensions. The three dimensions overlap one another, Reality (Where Luna is now.), Dragon Realm, and Nether Realm. On Wolf Ridge in Reality they become a three leafed flower. In the center most certainly was me.













It was over. The All Powerful One was dead, finished. I turned to Luna, we sat on her couch in our own dimension. She had finally woken up two weeks after Echo’s death. All shaken over the loss of Echo. Luna clung to me, clearly afraid and shocked to be without her lover her best friend. We were waiting for the decision of the Elders and the Council on what to do with Tyler, the son of Ana and The All Powerful or Selvatore as he was called on a more casual scale. Tyler sat at Accalia's side, showing no signs of being a thirty story dragon just weeks before, or a fiery wolf. Accalia stayed at his side, his hand firmly in her own. Lycan sat at my other side, holding my free hand, the room was quiet without Echo in it. We were all sad, but we were also happy, our greatest enemy was defeated and Luna had killed him, well Tyler weakened him a great deal but still the kill was gruesome. 


Now we had to find Echo, since the prophecy basically said she wasn't technically dead, just lost somewhere. Plus we needed to find out why the sudden eye color change for Luna. It was pretty freaky. Our story wasn't finished; our destiny's not unfolded completely. For now we were safe, for now we could rest, but soon we had to find our find and welcome a new one into the pack. We are the Guardians, the Children of the Moon, the Child of Fire and Moon, and we are going to kick some ass. We are going to find our friend. We will have the answers to are long sought out questions. We are strong individually, but stronger together.



Echo we will find you.


Hold on, where ever you are. Hold on. Survive.






The Elders



Our decision about the young hybrid was made when we learned he and Accalia had mated unintentionally. Dream Mating is near unheard of now. They are special we must keep them safe and the only way to do that is to make this pack a pack of six not five. We will find Echo we have no fear we won’t find her. For now Tyler the son of our enemy and of Ana who had betrayed us will stay here with us, the Manhattan pack.






I sat there next to Snow two weeks after Echo’s death. I was getting impatient and Luna didn’t like the talk of her death. So when she passed out against Snow’s shoulder I said,


“We have to retrieve her.”


“We can’t. The Unspeakables didn’t disappear with their master. They are just hibernating for the time being. The moment they smell a Guardian they will attack. Without a leader they will be vicious.” Tyler whispered.


“Whatever. The Elder’s made their decision. My father will be coming to retrieve you.” As if on queue my father stepped into the living room.


“Tyler. The Elder’s will see you now.” Tyler rose Accalia did as well.

“May she come as well?”


“Of course.” The three left and Snow turned to me,


“Must you be so rude to him? He did not kill her. He helped us kill his father!”


“Yes I know but why can’t he take me to get her.”


“Why are so bent on retrieving her? She’s dead, and even if we get her back she’ll be a cucumber!”


“I promised I wouldn’t leave her. She told me to fight for her and I did. She made me promise I would bring her back to her parents, and I didn’t.”




“No, I’m going for a walk.”




“A human walk!,” I yelled as I slammed the door.  I crossed the street to my house and slammed my front door. I haven’t really been in my house for a while. Not sense June, our birthdays. I raced up into my room, nothing had changed not like I had expected anything to have changed. This room was a little bubble, it had no idea what was going on in the outside world. It had no idea that the quiet girl from down the road a good two miles was now resting peacefully in Dragon Castle two dimensions away. It had no idea how angry the boy who lived in here his whole life actually was. I went over to my mirror where I kept all my pictures, my memories. The pictures from when I was dating Echo were still hung with scotch tape, the color fading because of the sunlight. A picture from when all five of us were at the log cabin two summers ago, the summer I knew I was in love with Snow, and Echo. I looked closer at the background and I saw Tyler sitting up in a tree watching Accalia. He had known about her all his life whilst she had no clue he even existed tragic romance. Or just plain creepy or he was the spy all along. How else would he have known how many of his minions each of us had killed? Tyler was a spy, intentionally or unintentionally he had some explaining to do. But for now I had to go back to Dragon Castle and retrieve Echo’s decaying body.






Excerpt from


Howl at the Moon: Book Two in the Howl Series



Chapter One: Searching for Echo






I watched out the window in Echo's old room. School had begun, yet we hadn't been returned to school. Our parents, the members of the Council have been teaching us what we'll need for the normal world. I plucked a stray hair from her pillow and held it in my fingers trying to remember what it was like to run my fingers through her long blonde hair, the way her lips felt on mine. Now I can hardly remember the way she would hold my hand, or fall asleep while reading a book. It was as if she was disappearing before my very eyes. Somehow though Lycan swears he watched her die, I know she's alive somewhere, alone, afraid and having no idea where she was. I hoped she at least remembered who I was, who her friends are.


I heard a knock on the door, and Snow walked through the door. She was wearing denim jeans and a black sweater. Her black hair identical to my own was braided down the center in a delicate looking French braid and she looked like she had been crying. Echo was her closest friend of the five of us. Echo was the glue, Snow and Lycan may be our leaders but Echo she was our sunshine. Now she's gone, since killing the All Powerful One I've become so much stronger and my Oracle power, the ability to see the past, present and future has intensified.



"Have you made any connection?"


"She's alive, that's all I'm able to tell. It’s like she's in a different dimension. She's not in Paradise either of them. I checked with Ana, she says she didn't come through."


"Ana, my grandmother?"


"Yes, she came here to basically be killed she regretted everything." Snow came closer and sat on the bed.


"Damn, she sounded intent on killing me."


"That was her point."


"Change of subject, do you remember how many sleep-overs we had in this room?" Snow said smiling at the memories.


"Yes." I turned my attention to the settee where Echo and I shared our first kiss. A tear slipped through my barrier, and landed on the strand of hair. My vision blacked out, and I fell back against the pillows, I heard Snow's screams fading, and a burst of bright white light woke me.


My vision focused and I saw a naked girl curled up into a ball, she was crying, her blonde hair soaked through with blood. She screaming out a name...a name all to familiar to me now,


"Selvatore! Curse you." Repeatedly she screamed the same phrase, and I heard her whisper, "Luna where are you?"


"I am here Echo, I am right here," surprisingly she turned, and gazed at me with such hate.


"I told you to move on!"


"You're not dead Echo!"


"Move on! Move on! Move on!" she screamed at me.


"You're in pain here,"


"No! No emotions exist here. I feel nothing. The only emotion allowed here is anger!"


"I'm not leaving you!"


"You have no choice."


"Where is here? What is it called?"


"The White Place. That's what I call it. Some call it Limbo; some call it the Nether Realm." She turned and sat and curled up into the ball and started shouting the late All Powerful One's name. Cursing him, and me. A tear slipped once more and a black flash encompassed my vision and I was gone. The screams of Snow came into focus and I heard the familiar gruff voice of Tyler, and the angelic masculine voice of Lycan, Accalia was whispering to Snow. I opened my eyes and cried.



"Luna, what's the matter? What did you see?" Accalia said sitting next to me, and taking my hand.


"I saw Echo, she wasn't herself. She yelled at me to move on. She kept saying Tyler's father's name over and over. She said there's only one emotion allowed to be expressed there. She was so angry. She was in so much pain."


"Where is she?" Lycan said.


"She called it the White Place. Some people call it the Nether Realm and others Limbo."


"So she did die." Tyler whispered.


"NO! She's alive, she's just confused." I cried suddenly overcome with anger. Four months I've been without her, and now after finding her only for her to say to move on, it angered me. "I wish to be alone, if that's alright."


"No problem Lu." Snow said walking away herding the others toward the door. She turned and whispered, "She didn't mean it Lu, and she loves you." She closed the door and I collapsed against the pillows again and I turned and cradled a pillow against my chest and cried.

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