There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


8. Tainted



Snow looked at me with guilt in her eyes. She blamed herself for the change in me. She moved slightly to let me into the house. Our bodies brushed and for the first time in three days I felt a strong human emotion, passion. Red hot and I grabbed her and crushed her lips with mine. Somehow the kiss felt off, like she didn't want me to kiss her, or touch her. How could I blame her? I killed her friends, and one of our closet adult friends.


"Snow I'm sorry. I couldn't,-"


"Lycan I know, it wasn't your fault, you didn't have your humanity, I know that you did this for me, and the innocent lives lost rest on my soul, not yours alright."


"Snow please, don't blame yourself, it was my decision. The Council will understand."


"What if they don't? What if they strip you of your powers? If they do, how will you deal with it? You'll be normal; you wouldn't know what to do with yourself."


"Snow, honey please its going to be okay alright. I went sixteen years without knowing about the wolf. I think I can handle whatever punishment they throw at me."


"Okay. Lycan?"


"Yes Snow?"


"Thank you, for waking me. It was horrible in there. In the Death Sleep."


"I know, in a way I was there to."  Snow disappeared into the dark hallway, and I closed the door and went after her. I found her in the kitchen, making tea. I watched her for a while, she was crying, and I felt horrible. Maybe I should've let Echo do it. To lose her humanity maybe then I wouldn't feel so guilty about making her cry. I exited the kitchen quietly I didn't want her to see me, unfortunately I ran into Echo, the last person I wanted to see. But now at least I could chew her out about dumping me in my home town without my humanity. At least then I wouldn't have known the people I killed.


"Lycan I am so sorry, I shouldn't have left you behind the bowling ally. I know your beating yourself up, but the headline today should help." she handed me the paper and the headline read,




"How the hell is that supposed to help? Echo, I killed twenty something people, our friends, and my friends! I killed a six year old girl. I don't care if she was a Dillenholer, her blood is resting in my now human stomach," I brushed past her knocking her off balance. I had to wait for my hearing with the Council. I closed the doors of the study and locked myself in. I turned and I was face to face with Luna's father and the rest of the Council. I gulped and took a seat in the leather reading chair.


"Lycan Taylor Johnston, you have been tainted by the Wiccan."


"You have committed treason against your kind. We do not support the Wiccan faith. Nor should any of our Guardians."


"May I speak father? Mr. Everett."


"Of course, you may represent your case." 





I stood at the kitchen sink, waiting for the tea pot to whistle on the stove top. I thought about Lycan and all the people he had killed I couldn't face the fact that Echo had wanted to take his place but he refused saying it was his fault that I had been inflicted with the curse of the Death Sleep. God being in a supernatural relationship takes its toll on a person’s sanity. I heard someone come up behind me; I expected it to be Lycan so I turned ready to hurl myself into his surprised arms.


"Lycan I am so-" I stopped mid-sentence, it wasn't Lycan it was Echo.


"OH it’s you, what is it?"


"What the hell bit you in the ass?"


"Nothing its just that you're the one who gave him the damn spell so now he's getting his ass chewed out by the Council."


"Snow, the hearing its taking place now in the study."


"WHAT?" I raced out of the kitchen just when the tea pot started to sound its alarm.




"Mr. Johnston, or Dad, Mr. Everett and the rest of the council, I did that stupid spell to save the only girl I will ever love. I know it was stupid and had horrible consequences but it saved our greatest asset, did it not? I am terribly sorry about the great loss this town has gone through I am. But you must understand the situation I was in, I was the one who put Snow in that situation, I was one who didn't get there in time, I was the one who quite frankly started the whole mess. If I hadn't told Snow that I smelt an Unspeakable, if I had just ignored it and went on our romantic run through the woods, and then we wouldn't be in this situation now would we, but our dear friend MR. Placksworth would still be dead and his killer would still be on the loose. So there are TWO evils and one good. I killed an Unspeakable and saved Snow oh wait that's two goods, what are the evils, I lost my humanity to help Snow and to defeat the All Powerful One, and I rid the town of a couple d-bags."


"Lycan we will talk through our decision. You may leave for now. We ask you to stay in isolation, so the stories will not be...tainted." said the oldest of the Elders of the Guardians. The Council was the former Guardians; the Elders were an immortal Council the very first Guardians.


"I understand Elder Malcolm." I left the room. Passing Snow as I went. I whispered to her,” I’m in isolation. I can not speak with you until after the hearing and decision is over." She grabbed me and kissed me, I broke away and she blushed. "I love you, you know that right?"


"I know that Lycan. I love you too. I don't blame you. It was my decision to attack the bitch. It is not your fault I should have waited for you."


"Snow White I love you. Now do not speak of this encounter," I joked and disappeared into the shadows of the hallway. I saw her blue eyes flash to aqua and I flashed her, my gold ones.  I found the guest room and locked myself inside. I sat on the bed and slept, for the first time in three days.




*The All Powerful One*


I watched from the water at my feet the scene that had just unfolded. The Elders had decided to pardon dear Lycan. Making the Children of the Moon even more powerful with the blessing of the Originals. I scowled and sliced the black water with my talons. This does not please me, two of my most powerful Unspeakables have been terminated by that bitch Snow. They all need to be terminated, the Moon Children shall end, the Guardians will come to an end! In two months time the prophecy will come alive and I shall prevail!


I have prepared for this day before the parents of the Children had been born themselves! I shall win, and I shall have my souvenirs! Their heads on plaques and their fur as robes and blankets. I heard my chamber doors open and a fire boil covered Natasha walk in.


"Hello my dear what happened got stuck in the sun?"


"Yes master dinner continued far too long."


"You're late dear Natasha."


"I am sorry Master."


"I don't like when my henchmen are tardy. Especially the ones I take to bed!"


"Please Master I will not do so again!"


"No Natasha! This is the last time you disobey me!" I reached a crossed the distance that separated us, I stroked her beautiful face with a talon before encasing her throat with my hand, my talons sinking into her delicate looking stone hard white flesh, fresh blood trickled down her skin and into the space between her breast, I closed my fist, collapsing her throat and severing her head from her body. "What a waste." I bent down and licked the blood from her chest and throat and continued to lick my hand free of blood. As her almost dead eyes watched from a crossed the stone room. Her red hair already fading its wonderful color, and shiny appearance. I cast the clean up to more reliable henchmen whilst, I retired to my inner chambers to ready myself for my slumber. For two months I will sleep. As I entered my chamber I was greeted by Ana, my favorite bed henchman. She was blonde and had the fairest skin. Her body was a sex addicts dream, she was dressed in leather, and that was saying a lot.


"Good evening, Master." She smiled, and her white fangs descended over her bottom lips making her a dangerously sexy woman. I felt myself grow-excited and I went to the bed and she smiled as she undressed me. Her touch was intoxicating and I intended to become very, very drunk.






I woke up from a terrible dream, I was the Most Powerful One, I killed someone, I had sex with someone, and I was planning to sleep for two whole months before the, the battle! I knew his plan, I could warn everyone! I knew where his lair was, I knew what his other form was! He was a dragon sifter. He was also a pervert, but that's a different story a different place. He also knew our every move. How the hell were we going to win?


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