There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


2. Sixteen Years Later







Snow was knee deep in shoes telling one of her best friends Echo she couldn't find a pair that matched her new purple and gold dress. Echo was laughing on the other end saying how many shoes Snow had. Snow groaned knowing Echo was right at least Echo was nice about it, Accalia her other best friend would be laughing her ass off right now. Sigh if only Lycan was her's but he belonged to Echo. We've been best friends forever never apart it seemed, and our principal Mr. Placksworth is always following us. What's even weirder though all five of us were born on the same day, same hour, same month, and under a full moon.


Snow finally picked out a pair of shiny black stilettos and since everything else was done she pulled them on and grabbed her bag, she called Accalia and said she was ready. A few minutes later Accalia pulled up with Echo and Lycan. Luna was at camp with her parents working out issues. Or at least that what she said, I got in the back of the her new shiny Prius C and we were off to our last day of school.


"Can not wait for summer vacation this day cannot go any slower." Echo said.


"Oh please you just want this day to be over so you can go to Lycan's house."'


"Maybe, maybe not." she replied to Accalia's snarky remark. We arrived at school to find Luna on the front steps waiting for us. We rushed from the parking lot to her side and she smiled in a mysterious way,


"Mr. Placksworth wants to talk to us immediately,"


"Oh what now?" Lycan growled, actually growled, weird and his teeth were like sharper, I looked to his eyes and yelped, they were bronze colored like a wolf. They all looked at me and then at Lycan and Luna, Echo and Accalia yelped as well. Lycan was like was the hell is going on? Echo grabbed him and led him to her locker where she kept a mirror. He looked into it and man-screamed.


"What is going on? We need to find out if this (he pointed around his face) is what Mr. Placksbreath wants to tell us." He slammed the locker and pulled his hoodie around his head and walked briskly through the swarm of students. We surprisingly kept up. When we reached Mr. Placksworth's office Lycan just barged in and sat down in his main office the secretary just looked up and mouthed a wow and went back to work. We quickly followed him in and Mr. Placksworth was against the wall Lycan pinning him, what was with his anger lately?


"Lycan put him down this instant!" Echo said.


"Or what, you’ll break up with me?"


"No, I just think we should hear him out is all."


"Oh well yes I guess that is a good idea." Lycan set him down and Mr. Placksworth brushed himself off and motioned us to sit, we did and he cleared his throat which irritated Lycan because he growled and his teeth started showing again.


"Now I know what you must be thinking is what the heck is going on?"


"That about sums it up. Except why does Lycan look like a wolf kid?" Accalia shrieked.


"Keep it down; I'll explain everything just not here. We're going to take a little field trip."


"What? What about classes?" Luna asked in a whiny voice.


"I'm the principal Luna Everett; I can take you where ever I want. Now come on." we didn't ask anymore questions especially Lycan but that could be because his teeth were too big and his tongue was really long. We arrived at a secluded old house in the middle of the woods. He parked the car and we climbed out. He motioned for the five of us to follow him inside this weird house. What is going on?


Mr. Placksworth


I led the children of legend into the house of which they were born. The wolves already there, their father's waiting in the outskirts of the tree lines in case they do not believe their mothers nor I. I expect we shall have much trouble with Lycan and Snow such stubborn creatures they should really belong together. Echo was meant to fail for I have seen it in my visions these past sixteen years. Accalia she will lead them to victory but she is not the leader.


"Mr. Placksworth sir what are we doing in this dump?"


"It is where the answers lie."


"Why does he always speak in riddles? Anybody know I mean seriously." Luna whined,

Why does she have to whine? She's worse then a puppy. I opened the door and led to the room where they were born on that faithful night the night the prophecy came alive. And tonight is the full moon and all of their birthdays. Time for the answers I looked around the room each of the mothers were in the spot they were sixteen years before. I saw the reactions in each of their faces, Lycan almost a wolf now confused and angry, Snow shocked and also confused with flashes of anger, Luna oh sweet Luna was a bit of everything, Accalia looked pissed and Echo was emotionless.


"We want answers, now!" Lycan managed to growl. His mother Lina stepped forward and very gently said


"You are wolf and man."


"We're werewolves?" Lycan asked


"No you if you bite someone they don't change and you can change at anytime. You five are the new Guardians."


"What is going on? I can't be a wolf!" Accalia cried "I'm running for homecoming queen!"


"You can still do that and be a Guardian." her mother Serena said. Snow came forward and said in a quizzical way


"If we are Guardians, then what are we guarding and what does that make you?" she looked around the room at the mothers and I.


"We are a race of both dark and light. We are Heaven and Hell combined. Ever heard of Hell Hounds or Hell's Angels? Oxymoron's my dear what those are, are different names for us Guardians.  We guard and protect the human race from being taken over by the Unspeakables. The Unspeakables are an ancient race of vampire Lucifer created to help aide in his rebellion against God himself after the fall and his defeat the Unspeakables revoked him as their leader and went rogue. Seeking to destroy the humans who were just created. Lucifer and God joined forces to stop them. The two rulers took a part of their immortal souls and placed them in a human that had yet to be born. She was Accalia well not our Accalia the one of old. Anyway she joined her soul later in life with a wolf. His name was Romus they had two pups. Romus and Romulus the first Guardians now when she finally died she gave her soul to her sons who were half wolf half god and half human. Hence the many powers we have. Now Romus and Romulus parted ways Romus founded the Roman Empire and Romulus went to Romania where he created more Guardians with his wife Mara now you see we are descendants of Romus and Romulus combined for they share the same soul. Now you know who we are." the children looked dumbfounded at the man that entered, it was Snow's father Marcus he went over to her mother Nina and Snow didn't really understand what to do. Lycan was now in complete wolf form, his wolf was black and his eyes bronze. I saw a change in Snow earlier her ears were starting to change. I looked to Echo, her transformation was already complete. She was tawny and her eyes were a deep violet. Accalia was still turning she was freaking out but from what I could see she would be a chocolate brown, her eyes were the first to change, they were charcoal black. Snow finally completed her change, she was pure white, and her eyes were aqua she had full understanding now of what the Unspeakables were. I looked to Luna and she was sitting on her tail whining, she was tear gray and her eyes were green. Now all five were transformed they snarled at us like we betrayed them but what we didn't know was that an Unspeakable had made their nest in this sacred house.


I Mr. Placksworth have never seen an Unspeakable so close up before, her eyes were blood red and her skin was an opaque gray she looked and smelled dead, this wasn't the Twilight vampire that Accalia and Echo were so into, this was a monster a true monster. She let out a growl and I smelled the human blood and hell fire in her breath. I heard snarls from behind me and a wolf jump over me an all white one, Snow. She seemed to know exactly what to do and what not to do, the Prophecy children circled them as they fought. Lycan taking quick jabs at the Unspeakable and Accalia licked up the spilled blood erasing all evidence. They seemed to know exactly what to do without any training, their parents in their own wolf forms were behind sitting waiting to see if they needed help. Echo jumped into the fight as soon as Snow let out a whine soon the Unspeakable was dead or deader then she was. Snow was covered in blood and her fur was singed from the Hell Fire deep within the remnants of the Unspeakable's soul. She slowly changed back, wincing as she made the change from wolf to human. She had a cut on her side it looked deep but it was already healing at a excelling rate.  She looked at us memories of the transformation and fight flashing in her eyes like lightening.



"What...the...hell...was...that?!" she exclaimed as she wiped the blood on her jeans that she pulled on wincing with each movement.


"Can you guys help me? My side hurts like Hell." the four friends behind her rushed forward and helped her sit and Lycan went to get some brandy to cauterize the cut and some thread and needles, I rushed to her side and she snarled her eyes flashing aqua, her teeth starting grow. I soothed her and she went back to her human form and slumped back in the chair. I moved her to the couch so it would be easier to operate, Unspeakables are poisonous sometimes depending on their gift so we had to act fast. Lycan returned with the supplies I poured the brandy on her cut and lit a match and she screamed so loud I felt so bad. I wiped the burnt flesh away and started to stitch her up. She let out bloodcurdling screams with each pull of the needle. Her cut was so long and deep that when I was finally done there was no returning them to school it was close to sunset.


"Now Snow I don't want you off running in wolf form for a couple days and same for volleyball."


"Okay. Thank-you Mr.Placksworth what are you anyway? Not a Guardian and not an Unspeakable."


"I'm called a Protector. I protect those who are sworn to protect us. I'm human but have been granted an extended life."


"How long is extended?" she asked


"I am closing in on my extension, my extension is one hundred years." I got up and helped her to the car. Her parents ran here. I put her in the front seat and buckled her in as carefully as I could if she was in pain she didn't show it. The others piled into the back, Echo had a worried expression on her face I didn't know if it was for her friend or the fact that she just learned she was wolf.


"Echo she's going to be okay."


"I'm right here." Snow gasped in pain.


"Yes we know but you should sleep." I said she gave in and as she fell asleep she said


"Best day ever." she fell asleep at the last word and her snores were like snarls. I looked to the backseat and Lycan and Echo were asleep, and Luna and Accalia were twitting on their new phones. I drove for awhile until I stopped in front of Echo's house and she said goodbye and went inside to wait for her parents. Next it was Lycan then Luna and Accalia. They were neighbors. Last it was Snow. I parked the car and gently unbuckled her and shimmied her into my arms all the while she didn't wake. She was like Snow White in her death like slumber. I went up the steps to her large house and opened the door. I put on the couch and found a nearby blanket and covered her up. I knew I could never tell her that I'm really sixteen like them. Never how would I explain my curse? The curse that made look like a fifty year old man? I knew I was in love with Snow but what could I do? I left the house and locked the door behind me. I got in my car and drove home.

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