There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


11. Lycan's Troubles




I woke up to find Lycan gone. He was there the night before, maybe he was upset and went to go for a run. I looked down at my side, it wasn't fully healed yet. I lay back down and waited for him to return. I didn't mean to fall back to sleep, but I did. Ever since I was in the Death Sleep, I've slept more and more, it scared me. What if I never woke back up? What if Lycan's sacrifice for me was for nothing at all? All those people, dead because of my recklessness.  Echo wasn't kidding when she said the guilt would be overwhelmingly painful to deal with.






I didn't know where I was, I was in my wolf form that's all I actually knew. I smelled something, something horrible. It was death masked with Snow's favorite perfume. I thought I'd killed that bitch. From the shadows to the left of me came a graceful cretin, a female Unspeakable. She looked dead set on killing me. She wasn't the one who harmed Snow, and put her in the Death Sleep, she was different.


"Hello pretty doggy. Wanna play?" The creature hissed at me. I growled menacingly towards the creature of the night. "Oh don't be mean little doggy. I just want to play."


How dumb was this Unspeakable? I growled once more, my warning before I pounced.


"Oh little doggy why don't you want to play? After all, my friends are on their way to kill who's most precious to you." I lunged; her friends were going to kill my Snow? Nobody messes with the one I love. I ripped off her head but before I did she said "You're it."


My mouth was filled with hair and blood, I spit it out and started licking up the evidence. Disgusting, the blood burned like fire being poured down my throat. I felt strange, off in a sense that I knew killing her was a mistake, it was a trap no one was going to harm Snow, I had been tricked. This was a plan hatched by the All Powerful One. I growled and ran back to Luna's.  I changed back and changed into clothes I had hid on the porch. I went to the bathroom, careful to tip toe around Snow. In the bathroom I saw that my eyes hadn't changed back to the regular color, they were still bronze. God, I looked like a Twilight vampire. I saw that Luna had purchased some contacts and saw that one was tinted green. I put them in; my eyes were now green with bronze-gold flecks. Close enough. I brushed my teeth and walked back into the living room.



Snow woke up shortly after I settled back down on the cot.


"Hey sleepy." I said. Grateful she wasn't anymore harmed then she was when I left without knowing it.


"I woke up, and you were gone. Where'd you go?" she asked sleepily.


"Just a run around the block."


"Wolfed out or?"


"I was human, don't worry."


"Okay, not that I care whether you were a wolf or human it’s just you know whether you were seen or not."


"I understand Snow. Go back to sleep."


"I don't know if I can."


"I'll hold your hand until you do then." Snow looked at me and smiled, she leaned down off the couch and kissed me.


"You, you are the best boyfriend ever."






"Prove it." I said slyly. Snow looked at me, her black hair falling in her eyes,


"Alright. Come on, we're going to my place. My parents are off on business, you know 'End of the World' crap." I got up and helped her to her feet.  "What's wrong with your eyes?"




"They’re the wrong color. Why are they bronze?"


"They’re not, their green."


"No, they’re bronze underneath the stupid contacts. I'm not stupid, where were you?"


"Alright, I woke up in a clearing, in my wolf form. There was this Unspeakable, she tricked me into killing her and now my eyes are stuck wolf bronze."


"Remember, Accalia was his spy, not by her choice, the first Unspeakable we killed, she licked up the blood. He transfers himself through the blood. I have to yell at you."




"Tell me something to get me mad at you."


"Alright, I killed your ex boyfriend after I knew my human emotions had returned." I stood there waiting for the explosion of emotion that would surly come from this confession.


"LYCAN, HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? SURE TRAVIS WAS A JERK, BUT HE DIDN'T DESERVE TO DIE, AND YOU SHOULD KNOW I WOULD NEVER GET BACK TOGETHER WITH HIM! HE CHEATED ON ME, I DON'T PUT UP WITH THAT, OR JEALOUSY. SO GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL THAT I LOVE YOU, AND ONLY YOU, TRAVIS IS DEAD, YOU KILLED HIM WHILE HAVING HUMAN EMOTIONS! THAT'S A CAPITAL OFFENSE TO THE ELDERS!" Snow took a breathe and for a moment I thought she would continue, but she just sank to the ground. I sat next to her and she looked at me enough to say 'did it work?' I shrugged and mouthed 'I don't know'.  I heard movement, the shrill screaming of our one sided 'fight' had brought in an audience. It was Luna.


"You guys okay? I heard fighting."


"We're fine Lu, go back to sleep."


"Can't. I always get up at this time."


"What time?"


"Seven thirty."


"Its summer vacation Lu, go to sleep."


"Fine, don’t tell me what's going on. I am the prophet I'll just find out anyway." she said slowly.


"Alright, Lycan thought he had been poisoned by the blood of the All Powerful One, like Accalia had been. And Accalia seemed to go back to normal after I screamed at her."


"Oh, is that all?" Luna said. She turned around and skipped back up the stairs. I turned to Snow and she smiled, and burst out laughing.




"Nothing, I just love our friends. Now that your troubles are over, can we go back to sleep?"










*The All Powerful One*




I felt off yet again. I got up, leaving Ana alone once again, covered in the white fur. The Blood Pool was black, showing nothing. I slashed at it again. Foiled again. What shall I do about these new Guardians? Without their Protector they are defenseless against my power. Bernadette will not die in vain.  Lycan will pay, Snow will pay. Luna shall pay for stealing by mind, and Accalia shall be mine to be my queen. I sat down on my throne and contemplated what my next move would be, like a giant game of Chess played from two separate dimensions. I twiddled my fingers together and thought of my next scheme to destroy the Guardians, before they destroyed me and took my place. I felt my throat scale over and I took control of my sudden anger.


"Soon my sweet, soon you will be freed, just need blood from the five. You will be freed."


"I hope sssso I cannot stand a minute longer in thisssss vessel. I am too confined."


"Yes I know my patient one; soon we will be our strongest once more. Patience."




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