There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


10. Luna's Second Vision



We were led inside after three hours of battle stimulation, our parents; all ten of the Council members had us sit down in the living room where we had been bunking.


"Now our Guardians we have some news for you."


"Is this about Luna's second vision?" I heard Lycan say next to me. Luna had another vision? How come it took this long for me her best friend to find out? From the looks of Echo, she didn't know either. Accalia didn't seem all to surprised, I love her I do its just that sometimes she is really hard to handle.


"Yes Lycan and the fact you're going to be assigned a new Protector."


"Is this one going to be cursed as well?" Accalia sneered


"Or fall in love with my girlfriend?" Lycan said.


"No, one he's a she, her name is Rebecca; she just graduated from Protector Academy in Britain."


"So there is more than one Guardian Pack at a time?"  Luna said happily.


"Yes there is. We usually mate with the South American pack or Great Britain depending on the year. This year on your twentieth birthdays we'll introduce you to the Great Britain pack for your future mates." Lycan and I looked at each-other, we were already mated.


"Lycan and Snow are disqualified from this since they are already mated and wolves mate for life." Lycan took my hand and we smiled. Good we couldn't be separated. Not even by cute British wolves.


"Now can we hear Luna's vision?"


"It’s not really a vision per say, its more of an 'I was in the All Powerful One's head and I knew everything he was planning sort of thing'" Luna said.


"Well can you explain what you learned?"


"Alright, I was in his outer chambers of his bedroom, and he was watching us through this puddle on the ground, it was showing Lycan's trial. He knows who the strongest in the pack, our sexual preferences, our weaknesses, and so much more, he's watching us. He knows what we know, see's what we see. I don't know how either."


"Tell us his plan Lu." Echo said reaching out and taking her hand.


"He's planning on sleeping for two months then on the full moon he'll wake up and we'll be transported to his realm. Where he's trapped. He wants to take over the world and end the Guardian line. He wants our heads on his wall and our fur as robes and blankets. He killed someone by the name of Natasha for being late. Oh and his other form is a dragon." I looked at Luna; we were up against a dragon? A dragon was afraid of five wolves. Five teenaged wolves?


"Why didn't you tell us we were up against a dragon?"


"Because his other form had been paralyzed for centuries, our venom in our teeth did that when the Last Guardians battled him."


"The Last Guardians? You mean you guys?"


"No we may be the last generation before you but we're not centuries old. No the Elders are the Last Guardians." I looked around at everyone, I was pretty sure there was a history lesson involved.


"We all know your going to tell the history of the battle." I said.


"Yes um we don't know exactly. The Elder's refuse to tell the story. They've written it down but I believe it’s because they lost someone in the battle, someone very dear to one of them."


"Who?" I asked.


"You're grandmother."


"What did she look like? In her wolf form?"


"White as snow, with specks of black, her eyes were unique, they changed with her mood. Like yours do in your human form."


"What my eyes don't change color." I said.


"Their doing it now, your confused so their green now." Lycan said.


"Ah come on why do I have to be even weirder then I already am?"


"I like it," Lycan whispered. I blushed.


"So is that all you had to tell us?" Accalia said sounding bored. I've had it. Accalia needed to be put in her place.


"Accalia what is your problem? Ever since we've learned what we are you've acted like a spoiled rich brat! You refuse to enter battle with us, you refuse to turn into wolf, and you're giving everyone an attitude when we have better things to be doing then to listen to you complain. We have a dragon to fight, unless you want to be the one to die you better shape up. I am sick and tired of your crap."  Accalia looked up at me like she hadn't seen me in years.


"What are you talking about Snow?"


"Accalia cut the crap already. Snow is right." Lycan said backing me up.


"Honestly I don't know what you’re talking about."



*The All Powerful One*


Something has changed. I got out of bed and hurried out to check the Pool of Insight. The water wasn't showing anything. My spy's blood had been removed or disrupted! Accalia must've been yelled at or something. I slashed the pool repeatedly angry that I have no eyes on the inside anymore. I heard a woman's voice behind me. A naked Ana stood in the door way covered only with a white fur blanket. I smiled remembering how I had gotten that blanket. Snow's grandmother kept me warm at night.


"Ana go back to bed, I'll be there shortly."


"Alright master."


"Ana call me Selvatore from now on. You are my favorite."


"Yes master Selvatore. Do not keep me waiting to long. I miss you."


"I'll be there soon darling."


How was this possible? How could Accalia's brain been disrupted from being my spy? Only an alpha female or male could break that spell. Snow, ah Snow must be the alpha female, and that would make dear Lycan the alpha male. Soon I would know all their secrets.


"Nathan, fetch me Bernadette would you?"


"Yes master." my guard left the chamber and I sat on my throne. I was after all the King of the Unspeakables. After they revoked Lucifer they came to be the third most powerful being on Earth and Heaven.  Ana came back out fully dressed in a long red velvet dress with long sleeves, and a plunging neck line. She came and sat on my lap.


"Expecting company master?"


"Yes I'm sending Bernadette on a mission, well a suicide mission."


"Oh, may I deliver the news? May I please?"


"Of course my love." Ana smiled and kissed my cheek. Her eyes revealing how undeniably happy she was that Bernadette was going to die. To make Lycan my new spy.


"So what did she do?"


"Nothing, I just need a new spy. So Lycan is going to kill her because she looks like the bitch who hurt Snow and killed what’s his face."


"I believe his name was Trevor Aguirre, Victoria's former lover."


"Really, how interesting. Too bad Victoria is dead isn't it?"


"Yes how tragic." The doors opened and Nathan returned with a scared looking Bernadette, her blonde hair in a high ponytail and her pink sun dress unzipped he must've interrupted her getting dressed.


"Zip up Bernadette would you?" Nathan walked over to Bernadette and zipped up her dress pausing at the top. "Hurry up Nathan." I knew that Nathan loved her, but love was foolish so she was going to die. "Nathan could you go fetch another one of my guards please?"


"Of course master." Nathan left again and Bernadette was literally shaking in her boots.


"Hello Bernadette dear." Ana said. Bernadette looked up at her where she perched on my lap.


"Hello Ana and master."


"We have a job for you. You are to go to the human world."


"Provoke Lycan to kill you so I will have a new spy. Accalia has been disrupted.

Do you understand Bernadette?"


"Yes master Selvatore. I will let Lycan kill me so you can have your spy."


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