There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


17. Everybody Dreams





            I don’t exactly remember when Lycan and I returned home. I don’t remember falling onto the couch, or Lycan telling me he loved me for the hundredth time since we left Wolf Ridge. I fell asleep instantly. Ever since the Death Sleep I haven't dreamed, well except for nightmares. I haven't told anyone. Especially Lycan.


I finally did dream though that night. I dreamt I was flying in my wolf form, Lycan beside me. I found it strange that for my first dream in weeks it was of travelling to new lands. I had given up any hope of going to new places and learning of different cultures because of my new responsibilities of protecting the human race. When I was flying through the clouds with Lycan beside me I forgot what I truly was, what I had to do in the morning. What I had done. The scene changed, and everything was black, I no longer had any wings, and Lycan was no where to be found. I was alone. My greatest fear.


I walked forward hoping to find anybody. Someone to love me, to guide me, to accompany me. But who would love a murderer like me? My mother certainly didn't. I don't know how far I walked in the darkness before the scene changed yet again. I was transported to a place that exceeded my thoughts on how hot Hell was, this place was stifling, I felt like I was going to die, my fur was stuck to my body and I was sluggish. Is this what I had to expect for the battle? Lava erupted from the ground in a row leading up to a black castle. Made from the hardened lava and brimstone. It felt as if I was in a volcano. I walked slowly unable to change back into my human form.  A shadow came from behind a black rock and I jumped back and growled.


Oh Snow don't do that.


Who's there? I thought out into the dark expanse between me and the shadow


You killed my wife. For that you must pay.












I looked out the attic window, unlike everybody else in this house where I've been forced to hole up in, I couldn't sleep. It wasn't because I was nervous over the prospect of dying tomorrow. It was because I was angry that Echo was the one to be lost to us. She actually enjoyed being a Guardian. I didn't I despised it, actually. I would take Echo's place any day. I would die for her, because I didn't want to be a God damn wolf. I wanted to be home coming queen go out on dates with actual guys not some devil-angel hybrid wolf like Lycan. I looked around the attic in which I chose to stay in, and noticed that it was unnaturally cold. I bent down and pulled a blanket around my shoulders. I put my head against the glass and fell asleep.






I was dreaming of the last football game against North Wood High, Lycan had the ball, he was running at a supernatural speed towards the winning touch down. I was cheering my heart out, Echo was in the stands screaming his name and Snow had Travis' arms around her. Charity Bell was beside me glaring Snow in the eyes. I didn't know if this was a dream or memory, but when Snow's eyes flashed aqua I knew it was a dream. When the buzzer sounded and we had won the scene changed. I was in a room, with crystal chandeliers and beautifully dressed people dancing around in a circle. I noticed that I was dressed in a brown silk dress and a wolf mask upon my face. I looked to the center of the room and saw a man in a green tuxedo and a dragon's mask. He was handsome I had to admit that, but I knew who he was, I knew because he had controlled me for weeks before Snow finally had enough of me and screamed at me. The man in green was the All Powerful One. I walked slowly, sexily towards the center of the room. I had no idea what I was doing, and the dancers surrounding me, one being Snow stopped to look at me. It was like a mime was pulling me towards him with an invisible rope. When we were inches from one another, he said my name.


"Accalia, its so nice to finally meet you. I'm Snow's uncle Tyler. Son of the All Powerful One and Ana Vincent of the Last Guardians."


"The pleasure is mine I a sure you." I whispered respectfully.


"Would you do me the honor of dancing with me?" he whispered.


"I'm supposed to kill your father."


"Who cares when the woman I love will rid me of the monster that binds me?" I didn't know how to respond to that at all how could this Tyler love me? He leaned towards my face and his lips grazed mine, he tasted of honey and mint. I inhaled his scent and kissed him back. The scene changed and I was sent flailing into darkness. I was alone, something I was far too used to. I searched for Tyler, but I couldn't find him. My blonde hair whipped my face like barbed wire as I fell, I changed into the creature in which I despised, and landed in a heap on rocks. I managed to stand and looked down at the pile, it was rocks, it was bones.  Millions of skulls piled on top of one another. I howled in disgust and fell once more down the pile and landed in front of a pair of shiny Ralph Lauren loafers. I let myself look up into the eyes of Tyler's father. For the first time in a long time I felt fear, and wished to be in company of my friends.


Sweet Accalia, it seems you have failed me. What happened? Got a little too bitchy? the disgusting sound of his loathing towards me and my race whipped me like a thousand angry bees. I whined involuntarily hoping for a savior. I heard another voice in my head, the sweet voice of Tyler, the Prince of the Unspeakables.


Leave her alone Father!


I don't think I can. You see she's the key to get the rest of them here.









I wasn't dreaming this was real, all of it. The All Powerful One had kidnapped me, to get my friends here so he could slaughter them all. I tried to call out to Snow, to warn her not to come, but he was in my head again.


That my dear won't work here. Here let me help you. He injected something into me and I changed back into my human form, curled into the fetal position and naked. Paralyzed, they could do whatever they wished to me.
























I tossed and turned all night. But I never dreamed for which I was glad. When the hour neared dawn I was sent to a place I had visited too many times before, the realm of the wicked, the realm of those we must destroy. This time I was in the dungeons, and a blonde haired girl was curled up in the corner in one of the cells. Her cries were all too familiar to me from all the break ups, the sprains, this dirt covered; bloody girl was Accalia my best friend. I ran to the bars and yelled her name, knowing full well she couldn't possibly hear me.


"ACCALIA! WHAT HAPPENED, HOW'D YOU GET HERE?" no answer but I knew it already; she was brought here through her deepest fears. Which meant my friends and the woman I loved was here as well in some form or state. I ran from the castle and saw just down the cliff side was Snow, making her way slowly up to the castle and the shadow like figure of Lycan crawling up the other side. No! Why was I not here physically? How was I to tell them that this was trap? These dreams were no dreams that was how he transported people to and from his realm. My friends were going to die. My brain must be too connected to his and he couldn't grab me. I would figure out a way to save my friends. I had to.


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