There are five of them, wolves yet they look like children. There is an ancient prophecy that speaks of the children of the moon.

Five shall be born on the full moon
Five shall raise to defeat the most powerful
One shall fail One shall succeed
Five of the Moon will prevail.

The Wolves of Manhattan are Accalia, Lycan, Luna, Echo, and Snow. They are the Children of the Moon.


3. Changing









I stared at my ceiling covered in bikini clothed women not really seeing them. I was still shocked and angry about me and the rest of my best friends being wolves sorry Guardians. We were supposed to kill these bad ass vampires called Unspeakables to protect the human race and oh we have a Protector our principle Mr.Placksworth and I'm pretty sure he's not who he says he is. My mind kept going to how Snow saved his freaking life, by putting her own life on the line. Is that what we're supposed to do? Kill ourselves so the selfish humans can live? How is that fair so yeah I'm mad. I'm a sixteen year old guy I'm supposed to be out partying exploring the other gender I'm supposed to make mistakes and learn from them. But no I'm a Guardian I can't do that, I have go on Unspeakable runs, I have to bite the heads of them and there's no room for teenage mistakes. I spring up from my bed and punch my wall. Nobody comes. I look out my window to a crossed the street, Snow's light was on and then I remembered she had to be in pain that stupid vampire chick took a bite out of her and then Mr. Loony burnt the shit out her wound with brandy, I had to call her. Wait what the hell am I doing? I'm with Echo Vischovo a beautiful, talented, and she's a wolf a beautiful wolf. Why am I having these thoughts about Snow? What's wrong with me? After I worked so hard to get her to like -like me in the first place too. But Echo in the beginning always said that she didn't know why I was with her, that I belonged with Snow but the truth was Snow was with another guy at the time a real jerk too. His name was Travis Dillenholer she broke it off with him when she caught him with the town bitch Charity Bell. Don't let her name fool you she'll do anything or anyone to get what she wants.


Anger boiled deep inside me just thinking about that dill hole made my teeth grow and I knew without looking that my eyes were flashing bronze I think out of all my friends I had the shortest fuse. I let my anger roll off of me in coils letting my muscles and bones change relishing the way it felt to feel the power radiate off of me. In no time I had changed into the midnight black wolf with the bronze eyes I needed to run to be free but I also knew my parents wouldn't let a 150 pound wolf out on the streets. I had to jump out of my three story window. I braced myself and jumped out my already opened window and when I landed I was off. I was free, I wasn't the star football player, I wasn't the most popular guy I was Lycan Johnston the wolf the Guardian. I past Snow's house I think she saw something but she didn't know what or who it was that's how fast I was. I didn't worry about the Unspeakables I didn't worry about anything. So many possibilities that I could get away with, so many new things I can do I can run so fast everything's a blur. When I reached the forest's edge I slowed to a walk and came upon a stream I had to show this to Sn- Echo. Had I almost said Snow? Had I almost said I had to show this most romantic spot to Snow not my girlfriend of two years Echo? What is wrong with me? Had my feeling for Snow not died when I professed my love for Echo a year ago? Had Snow put some sort of spell on me? I morphed back into a human and sat on a low hanging rock just above the stream and realized I was naked. I also realized I didn't care for once in my sixteen years of life I Lycan Taylor Johnston didn't care how he looked. It felt amazing just being me. I realized I had to get back the sky was lightening. I had school to go to.




I still couldn't believe I was a wolf I never ever thought I could be anything special. When Lycan asked me out it was the first time I felt special that I was loved that I was needed. But when I became a wolf it put all that what I felt with Lycan behind me and it was like I didn't need a relationship to get by anymore. I just needed the wolf inside me to protect me. I love him or do I? Its just that I always have this nagging feeling that him and Snow belonged together that they were meant to be. Maybe I should break it off let them be happy. Being sixteen is about changing who you are to fit what you want to be, how the world sees you is nothing if not unimportant. You know maybe I should break up with him tomorrow, the sooner the better I want him to be happy. I don't want to be in the shadow of his thoughts of Snow. I know he said he loved me but I want someone who can be honest about his or her's feelings about me. Kind of like Luna she's not afraid to speak her mind. And she told me just before her parents took her away that she liked the same gender. I always felt different than everyone else, I'm attracted to the different gender yes but I'm also attracted to the same gender. I think I'm bisexual. Wow I never really thought about it but I always found Luna extremely attractive with her long black hair and gray eyes, she was super tall for a girl too which was fine with me. Yeah I think I'm in love with Luna not Lycan. I'm changing.









I sat on my bed reading a new book my mother and father insisted I read its called 'How to get back to a God expected Relationship.' I threw it down under my bed and threw my pillows a crossed the room hitting my mirror it fell down and shattered to the floor. The anger boiling inside slipped and my muscles shortened and relaxed they amplified and I shrank into my tear gray wolf. I looked into the remnants of the mirror and saw my blue eyes reflected back at me. I jumped from my open window and ran to Echo's. I knew she would understand she's the only one who could. I could sense that she was hiding what I had been hiding. I'm bisexual what if she is too? We could be together I love her so much and its not friendly or sisterly its a lover kind of love like a red hot passion kind of like a million roses and lilies blossoming at the same time.  When I reached her white and red shuddered house I stopped and sat on the front lawn I whined a couple times and when she didn't come I barked. She still didn't come so I howled. She came rushing to the window and when she saw me she smiled like she was thinking about me or something that had to do with me. She gave me the one minute finger and the next thing I knew she was at the front door and she motioned for me to come inside I slinked over still in wolf form and walked up the stairs I knew so well into her bedroom. I changed back and borrowed a nightgown from Echo.


"Hey what are you doing here? It's like two in the morning." I heard Echo whisper and I got closer and sat on chaise lounge and told her why


"I am here because I think I am in love with you. But you’re with Lycan and I don't know for sure if you’re down with that way of love."


"I was just thinking of my feelings for you an hour before you arrived."


"Really and how do you feel?"


"I think I'm in love with you too Luna." she said crawling over to me and when she was just inches from my face, my lips I said


"I knew it." and I grabbed her face and kissed her. It was like all my fantasies combined. She moaned and pulled away. I didn't understand at first and then she spoke.


"I hear my parents and I'm definitely breaking it off with Lycan so he can have Snow."


"I hear ya my love. I'll go. I see you tomorrow okay?"


"Yes always but let's wait a few days before coming out I don't want to rub it in Lyc's face, you know?"


"Yea I understand," I stripped off the nightgown and changed this time not in anger but in love and I jumped from the window I felt eyes on me and saw a black wolf just up ahead I didn't want to see Lycan right now not when I just stole his girlfriend.




I woke up on the couch and slowly made my way up the stairs slowly unlike the rest of my fellow Guardians I couldn't change for awhile. Stupid Unspeakable. I changed and looked in my full length mirror and fingered the stitches they were make-shift not professionally done but they would do until it healed all the way. I reminded myself to thank Mr. Placksworth tomorrow for it. After-all he saved my life but I saved his so are we even? Something about him is off like he's not his real age almost as if at times when he let's himself slip that he's my age but its a silly thought he's my fifty something principle. I should be thinking of Lycan, my best friend that I happened to find extremely attractive but was dating my other best friend. I sighed and got dressed and slowly and painfully got into bed hopefully my parents let me stay home and sleep. I was tucked in on the couch so maybe Mr. Placksworth did it because my parents weren't home yet. I fell asleep with thoughts of both Lycan and Mr. Placksworth. I woke up with the sun on my face and saw it was six am and my mother was pounding on my door. Yep I knew it they're making me go to school. I got up and showered careful of the stitching and I got dressed in a loose fitting tunic and gladiator sandals and grabbed my bag and headed out the door. My ride was there just pulling up. I got in the car and the tension was so high, I could cut it with a knife.


"I'm surprised you even got up today. With all the brandy Victor gave you last night." Accalia laughed. "Oh and if you feel the tension it's because there is. Echo just broke it off with Lycan and well as you can see Lycan and Echo are being separated my poor Luna."


"Oh um sorry Lycan and Echo what the hell?"


"I just wasn't feeling it I guess." her answer was so vague and she wasn't even looking at me in the eye through the mirrors.


"Okay." I dropped it and starred out the window. "So guys what did you guys do after you got home?"


"I went out for a run...wolf style." Lycan said


"I did too." Luna said


"I took a bubble bath trying to get rid of the stench." Accalia said,


"I read a little and went to bed." Echo said


"I was asleep all night and will be for a few days. So how is it being a wolf without the fighting?"


"It’s so free. And there's not a care in the world. It's like you’re an actual dog. Its amazing really." Lycan said.


"You can finally be yourself. You don't have to worry about what other's think of you." Luna said glancing quickly at Echo then away. I was suspicious then I wasn't. We arrived at school and Lycan went off with football buddies and then he glanced back over his shoulder at me and then quickly away. Was I dreaming or did Lycan look at me as more then a friend? I had to be dreaming I had to be.


Mr. Placksworth


I peered out the window of my office and saw Snow and the rest of the Guardians arrive at school but Echo and Lycan went their separate ways but Luna stayed close to Echo, Accalia and Snow went inside the building and Lycan stayed outside with his football buddies. What happened last night? Snow was walking better then I ever imagined so early after her injury and informal surgery. She was laughing but also looking for someone. Me or Lycan? She ran towards someone, it was Lycan. He was down on the ground. I rushed out of my office and into the parking lot. I got to them and saw that someone made his emotions unbalanced. Maybe the recent break up or a new love interest or someone made him angry. I looked up and saw Travis Dillenholer and Charity Bell in the crowd this could be it. He was always protective of Snow and seeing the boy that broke her fragile heart with the girl responsible probably set him off. I got him to look at me and he growled


"Get them out of here or they won't be here and there won't anything left for the police to identify." I shooed the students away besides Snow of course I noticed Echo just inside in the shadows looking observing and then I saw a head of black hair moving...Luna? Why were they so close? Is this what Lycan saw? His recently ex girlfriend with another girl so quickly? I didn't really care what set him off but I want these students out of this parking before everyone died. I again shooed them off. I leaned down and whispered in his ear


"Run I'll cover for you Lycan." I looked to Snow.


"You are healed enough go with him." she looked at me and then ran after him. I stood up and went back inside. They were all changing I just hoped I would change too. Just one kiss of one true love and I would be sixteen again. I hoped it would be soon I don't think I can be fifty-two much longer.




God. I hated being a wolf so much. How am I supposed to be the mean girl if when I got to excited or angry I turn into a dark chocolate wolf? Grr. I heard chaos coming from the lobby and I looked into the parking lot and saw Lycan on the ground Snow and Mr. Placksworth leaning over him something's up. I found Echo and Luna and they said something set him off and he was turning but fighting it. I saw Mr. Placksworth say something to both of them and then Snow and Lycan ran off into the woods behind the school. I didn't stick around after that and went to all my classes. Like I said the less I had to do with this Guardian business the better in my opinion.


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