A girl lives in a terrible environment with a terrible condition when she is saved by a brother she never knew she had.

*NOTE: This is a preview of the story. The chapter in this is not fully complete and will be completed before Memorial day. Thanks for understanding.


1. March 16th, 1846

March 16th, 1846

Dear Hope,



I'm there again. The same place I was yesterday. Between the living and the insane. I can't confess to you how much I want to leave. But something is stopping me from doing so. 


Today I had learned I had a heart condition. I have no clue what the name of it is, the doctor excluded that from the results of the blood work I had done. Father had to reluctantly take me, he didn't wish to cause a scene at my school, where I was forced to run 35 laps. As of now, I am no longer obligated to. Doctor's orders. The doctor also said I'm supposed to rest for a week before he can verify that I'm allowed to move, but I doubt that will happen. 


I keep having the same visions, like before. The ones of a man trying to get me out of here, before I become bedridden, like Mother. Today, I was once again forced to visit her. She ridiculed and criticized me like she always did. 


"Why can't you dress like a proper lady? And you should sit like one too! Stop slouching! Sit up!" She said on, and on. It was quite tiring. Now that it's in my mind, I do not think Mother has ever criticized me on how I speak. Perhaps, the reason is the simple fact that I never actually speak when I visit her. If I did, I'm positively sure she'd critique that as well. "Pay attention! I am speaking to you!" I look straight into Mother's dead, shark-like eyes. They were filled with so much anger and something else I could never lay my finger on. If I could, I'd take my forefinger and thumb, and gouge out her eyes.


"Child, your elder brother has filed a lawsuit against your father and myself. I-"


"I have a brother?" I interrupted Mother. I should have known not to interrupt her, but I can't just sit still when I have an older brother I knew nothing about. She glared at me, and continued. "I want you to lie and say we treat you well." Treat me well? Lie? And, without my consent, my voice betrayed me. "Why should I? What could I possibly achieve out of lying?" Mother chuckled, it was the first time I had ever heard her laugh or even smiled for that matter. 


"How very greedy of you, child. You will get our love and affection." She flashed me a sickly smile, not something I enjoyed to see. And once again, my voice had betrayed me. "Tch. The same promise like all the other times you asked me to lie to the law. When we go to court because of this lawsuit and they ask me to testify, I will decide what I say, regardless of your bantering and Father's fists. My testimony may be swayed if you play your cards right, Mother." 


Her mouth had gaped open, and I smiled a twisted smile. I got up and left victorious, the smile still plastered on my face. No matter what happened before we went to court, I had to think about what could happen if my brother won the case. 


I'd be free of them. I'd be free of Father and Mother. I'd be free from the shattering criticism and crushing, physical abuse. I would finally be free. And then, I could write to you about my newfound happiness, instead of the old pain and suffering.


Later that night, Father brought up my discussion with Mother. "How could you say that to your mother?" He asks.


"Would you have not done the same?" I replied, then placing a spoonful of buttery corn into my mouth. He hesitated before answering. Father sighed and then answered me, "Yes, I suppose I would. What I did not like, however was your harsh words about me. Will you apologize, however true it is?"


My voice betrayed me, like earlier that day. "Will you?" It had a tone of sass to it. Silence fell over the table, but it had elongated for a good five minutes before Father made a decision. "I will, if you are willing." 


I set down my silverware, a tad shocked at his reluctancy. "I shall apologize, after you apologize. That is my deal." He did the same, and looked me straight in the eyes. "I am truly sorry for the physical and verbal abuse I have caused you. I hope you forgive me for the mistakes I have made." His words shocked me extremely, and I was more than willing to apologize. I looked back at him.


"Apology accepted. I apologize for saying that you abusive me physically and verbally. However true that may have been. I do hope you forgive me for this atrocity." I apologized. He smiled a sincere smile, and accepted my apology. The rest of that night was painless. There was no abuse. And for a moment, I thought, that if this kind of night happened every night, I could be happy here. But that is a big if.









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