my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


11. the fight with my mam (louis)

Zayn's Pov

we left Starbucks and got into the cars,~ we each got into our own car~ liam said to go to his and dani's house. me and perrie were in the front and niall and his girl Lucy were in the back but Lucy looked scared and niall was comforting her and telling her its ok. five minutes down the road I saw Louis getting out of Liam's car with abbey and I was wondering what he was doing but then i saw his car outside mac Donald's so I dropped it.

Abbey's Pov

Louis was acting strange but i didn't ask him about it but i did ask " where are we going Louis" he answered with "to get you some clean clothes and to tell your grandparents that your safe" "ok Louis" i said back and he said "I love you" an i said " i love you too"

Louis Pov

I was driving to abbey's grandparent's house and to go into my house to tell my mam that I got a girlfriend and that I need blood to drink. when we got to her grandparents house I told her I was going into my house. I walked into my house and was greeted by my mum and she looked mad "where were u! u never called or texted!!" she shouted at me." I was at my flat with liam because abbey was in hospital and the reason why I didn't call or text is I was too worried to text anyone and im moving out and I need blood so excuse me" I shouted back. I walked into the kitchen to be greeted by daisy crying, "daisy what's wrong" I asked her and she said "I hate when you shout" I gave her a hug and said " you don't have to worry about shouting with me or mam but maybe with Lottie" when I said that it made her happy and then I let go of her and went to the fridge got some blood and put in a bag and went out the front door. now to tell abbey the good news

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