my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


4. setting up the party

Louis' Pov

omg we kissed and she is my girlfriend what will the lads say. 5 mins later. we arrive at Harry's and walk in.

Liam Pov

thank god Louis is finally here but who is the girl. "the swag master is here" Louis screamed and the girl who was with poked him and he said "and his girlfriend" as lads came in and congratulated them I said "guys we have an hour and 30 minutes until zayn comes and we are no where ready so come on and its nice to meet you abbey."

Niall Pov

"omg Liam calm down we got this under control but you get the food because ill only eat it." I laughed and everyone else said "true dat"

so liam went to get the food and cake niall went to set up the pool harry was putting up the decorations while Louis and abbey were no where to be seen.

Louis Pov

"where we going" abbey asked and I replied "we are going to get zayn a present but I don't know what to get him so I was hoping you do" I smirked at her.

abbey's Pov

we were going to get a present. we choose some shampoo and went to get some food when Louis pulled me behind a bush. "why the fuck did you do that for." I whispered angrily. he whispered back "Liam is there if he sees us we are in trouble."

Liam Pov

I went to get the cake and food for the party and I thought I saw Louis and abbey at the mall. but as I thought about it more I said I must be seeing things. it took me ten minutes to get back to Harry's. I walked in and saw niall and harry sitting on the couch and I asked them "are you guys finished?" "yeah" they both replied, but where are Louis and abbey. " guys where are Louis and abbey?" harry said " they left two minutes after you left".

Harry's Pov

I went out of the sitting room to my bedroom and called Louis.

Louis ~ hello

Harry ~ hey Lou where are u

Louis ~ in the mall getting zayn a birthday present

Harry ~ rite hurry up liam is going mental

Louis ~ we r getting in the car now bye

and Louis hung up. I went downstairs "liam mate Louis went out to get zayn a present because he forgot" right that calmed liam down " ill go and put these in the kitchen" then Louis and abbey ran in and said Zayn's here. and everyone hid.

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