my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


14. meeting fangs

Louis' Pov

me and liam went back to the table and there was I awkward silence, "hey what is with the awkward silence" I joked "see that man over there Lou" harry asked me "yea what about him" I asked him "he was looking for you" shit that man was the leader my pack of vampires "could we go home and order some pizzas and have a sleepover" I asked while trying to make sure fangs (the leader's nickname ~ no one knows his name) didn't go anywhere "sure mate" said niall "right lets go then" I said while grabbing abbey's hand. I could feel fangs looking at me but I kept walking to the with abbey, I asked harry if he could drive to his house because his dad was a cop and I wanted to talk to him. we finally got there I was relived but I didn't show it because everyone would be asking me questions. "ill order the pizza, what do you guys want" abbey asked us we wrote it down on a sheet of paper, I walked upstairs and called fangs.

phone call between fangs and Louis L~ Louis F~ fangs

L~ what do you want

F~ you know what I want

L~ no I don't
F~ just meet me at the spot in ten minutes and collect Derek on the way

L~ I cant just leave my friends like that

F~ just do it im waiting

phone call ended

I walked downstairs "guys I have to go to my mams house because.. em eh ... daisy fell and she needs help" I made up a lie on the spot and everyone said ok. I knew that fangs something in mind to hurt me or do something else to me arrived at Derek's house and he came out "hey Lou" he said "hey Derek, do you know what he is gonna do" I asked him to see if knows "nope" he said after that we didn't speak to each other because we were too nervous to talk. we finally arrived at the spot and we walked in, "finally you're here" fangs said. just he say he had somebody put bags over our heads and took us somewhere.

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