my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


13. jealously

Liam's Pov

we are on our way to Nandos for food and I looked behind and saw Lou and abb cuddling in the back (we were at a red light) and I got jealous. "Liam mate are you ok" Harry asked "yea just great" I said and smiled at him but he wasn't convinced "we'll talk later Li" he said and he continued to look out the window. after a few minutes Niall screamed "THERE IS NANDOS" everyone laughed as I pulled into the carpark. we got out of the car and harry pulled me to one side and the others looked and harry says "its ok guys I just to ask Li something", there was a murmur of ok's and they left.

Harry's Pov

conversation, liam is in bold writing and harry isn't

"right Liam what's going on?"


"there is I know it. you can tell me I wont tell the  others"

"fine!! I'm jealous of Louis and abbey ok"

"liam its ok to feel jealous but tonight we are going dani's house and you are gonna to make up ok"

"yes harry"

conversation over

a few weeks ago liam and dani got in a fight and liam dumped her but I know dani wants to get back together because she called liam when was in the shower and I answer it. she said that we should get liam to get together because I know he is miserable.

Louis' Pov

me and abbey walked into Nandos but I looked back and liam had put his head down maybe harry  had said something to her him or maybe he was jealous he told me before that he was jealous of harry's girlfriend Ruby but they broke up because actually I don't know why and im his best friend. he always looks down he is jealous. we sat in the back of nandos so no one would notice us ( we are one direction we just have a few months off). when harry and liam walked in liam looked like was crying so I followed him into the bathroom, "mate do you want to talk to me, whatever it is I wont be mad at you" I said to him and made him jump "ok, im jealous of you and you abbey" he said "oh liam did you think id be mad at you because you are jealous" "yea I did sorry, can we go back im hungry now" he said and we walked back but when we came back their was awkward silence.

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