my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


2. going to doncaster

Alex's Pov.

Me and Abbey were going to our Grandparents in Doncaster. Abbey is so excited because she said Louis Tomlinson lives there (whoever he is I hope he's nice ). I must have fell asleep because Abbey was shaking me. "I'm up ok" I said to her. Then Abbey screamed.

Louis' Pov.

I was walking to my car and saw her I didn't know her name but she was staring at me so I waved at her and then I heard this awful scream and my head told me to leave now or things would get ugly.

Abbey's Pov.

OMG LOUIS TOMLINSON WAVED AT ME!!!! Wow I was totally fangirling and then I realised he lived next to my Grandparents' house, omg why didn't they tell me aw well. "Granny," Alex screamed waking me of my daydream. I went into my Grandparents' house it was huge. I went to my bedroom to Skype my best friend ever.

Louis' Pov.

I was driving to Harry's house and I couldn't stop thinking about her and she looked like she was going to the Kings house I knew that two old people lived there. I arrived at Harry's (it was Zayn's birthday) and we were going to decorate the house with decorations but then I realised that I leafed the decorations at my house so I told Harry and ran out to my car. I rushed home as fast as I could and grabbed the decorations and went next door to get to get that girl I saw earlier. I rang the doorbell and a man answered the door " hi I'm Alex" he said to me, and I said " well Alex is your sister there"  just then he shouted up the stairs to his sister her name must have been Abbey because he shouted that up the stairs. When she came down she was shocked to see me so I said " do you want to come to a party with me?" and she said she would have to check with her grandparents when she came back "lets go" she said. So we went to my car and I asked her why was she staying with her grandparents house and she said that her mum we to jail.

Abbey's Pov.

OMG I was going to a party with Louis Tomlinson!!!

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