my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


9. day with louis gone wrong (part three)

harry's Pov

where the fuck is Louis and liam. Louis told me that he'll meet me here. zayn, perrie, niall, Lucy ( nialls girlfriend), dani and me are waiting here patiently yesterday they said they had to cancelled and change it to today. so i decided to call liam because i need to know where they are.

Liam's Pov

my phone was ringing and it was harry

phone call H~ harry L~ Liam

L~ hey mate what's up

H~ well Louis promised yesterday to meet at Starbucks but cancelled and said to meet up today instead but he's not here and everyone is waiting for you and him.

L~ we are collecting abbey and the roads are very busy today we'll be there as soon as we can bye

H~ ok bye Lili

phone call ended

"hey doc is abbey allowed go home?" i asked the doc "she sure is" the doc said and i said thanks. i told Louis that abbey could go home and we need to meet the others at Starbucks.

Louis' Pov

liam told me that abbey could go home and that we had to go to Starbucks maybe i can tell everyone my secret there.

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