my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


7. day with louis gone wrong (part one)

abbey's Pov

when I woke up Louis said that I get to spend the day with them whoa. "so what do you want to do babe" Louis asked, "SHOPPING" I screamed. "okay, okay, we'll go shopping" liam said angrily (he must have a hangover and dani was no where to be seen). "Liam where's dani" Louis asked "well Louis I don't know where she is" liam shouted "don't worry liam ill call her" I said

phone call ( D~ dani and A~ abbey)

A~ hey dani where are you

D~ I woke up early and went to Starbucks and then went to see my mam in hospital.

A~ ok see ya when you get back bye

D~ bye

phone call ended

"liaam, come here buddy" Louis shouted up the stairs "what do you want" liam was not happy as he came down the stairs. "dani is visiting  her mam and will be back later and will you ask harry's new friend and also niall's do they want to go to Starbucks. oh and Zayn and perrie will meet us there. " I said to liam, "right I will" liam said.

Louis Pov

what has gotten into liam he keeps raising his voice and storming off I need to talk to dani about this or the lads. "Harrryyy con you come here now we need to talk" I shouted "coming louuuu" harry shouted back. "what's up mate" Harry asked "it's liam".

H~ what do we do about liam he is really moody today.

L~ yeah but what do we do im going on date to Starbucks now bye

H~ bye

I went up the stairs to my room and found abbey on the floor "GUYS HELP ABBEY ISNT MOVING" *everyone came running* "I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO" "niall get out your phone call 911NOW". liam shouted.


the ambulance finally came and took abbey away and asked is their anyone related to her "well im her boyfriend" "okay come with us". *at the hospital*

Doc~ do you know what happened to her

Louis~ I was downstairs talking to harry and went upstairs and saw her on the floor but I could ring her brother to see if she has any allergies

phone call (A~ Alex and L~ Louis

A~ hello

L~ hey Alex your sis is in hospital and we need to know if she is allergic to anything

A~ not that I know of let me ask *hears shouting in background* Louis are you still there

L~ yea bud

A~ she isn't allergic to anything got to go talk later

L~ thanks bye

end of phone call

Liam's Pov

I cant believe dani left without telling me and now Louis girlfriend is in hospital. "liam where's the doc" I looked up from my phone and saw Louis and he looked like he saw a monster. "Louis mate what's wrong" "I need the doc abbey is getting worse and she isn't allergic to anything and I don't want to lose her"

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