my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


23. day 1

Louis' Pov 

i woke up in a dark room with my bottom half in so much pain. "i see you are awake" i heard a voice coming from the corner of the room and saw it was Emmett and he looked very familiar "Louis ready for round two" he laughed and i shook my head "wrong answer". then Emmett kicked me till I was bleeding on the floor "why the fuck did you did that for" Lucy screamed at him "because he gave me the wrong answer, and if you give me the wrong answer too then you will get fucked you hear me" he shouted at her and she nodded.

Lucy's Pov

Emmet left for the shop so I decided to go back to Louis and help him. "What are you doing" he asked "I'm helping you" I told him. After an hour I heard the door open and heard Emmet and his mates come in the house, I quickly ran up to my room and pretended I was there the whole time. "Hey pretty lady ready for a good time" one of Emmett's mates said and I knew what was gonna happen I'm going to either get raped again or he is gonna fall asleep. just as the drunk man was about to kiss me someone pushed him off me, i looked up and saw Louis looking at me i mouthed "thank you" to him and he disappeared. 

Louis' Pov 

i heard Lucy screaming so despite me being in pain i helped her and then went back to the basement before Emmett found out i moved. i wish the boys and abbey would find me soon, i need blood. 

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