my love (louis tomlinson dark) (slow updates)

Abbey was just a normal girl until she met Louis Tomlinson but he wasn't as he seemed. And his friends were about to change her faith


20. after the surgery

Liam's Pov

Louis went for surgery and he was gone for nearly three hours now, "anyone here for Louis Tomlinson" a nurse said and i stood up (the others went home for some food and sleep) "me" i said "follow me please" she said nicely. i followed her to a room where Louis was hooked up to machines and he looked so peaceful. "he should wake up in a few hours, when he wakes up come and get me so i can see if he remembers you. and don't call the lads yet, ok" the doctor said to me and left. when Louis woke up he didn't remember who i was and then abbey came in with two cups of tea for us "hi Lou" she said to him "who's Lou" he asked "he doesn't remember anything. go and get the doctor" i whispered to her and she left. 

Louis' Pov

i woke up from my sleep and i was in hospital and this fella was siting on a chair beside my bed and i didn't who he was, then a girl came in and said "hi Lou" and i said who's Lou and she walked out. a doctor came in and told me that i had been beaten up and had surgery. after that i fell asleep. a few hours later i was waking up and i heard voices. 

"will he be ok" 

"one direction won't be the same without him"

"will he tell us how he became a vampire" 

they stopped talking because i open my eyes, "hey guys, what's up" and everyone in the room stared at me "you remember us" Niall asked "yea but i don't know why i'm in hospital though" i told them. a few days later i was allowed out of hospital and we went to my house to relax. i was sitting beside abbey and i kissed her hand and she smiled. "does that mean you remember me" she asked me "yep babez how could i forget us" i laughed and got out of the car and picked her up and used my vampire speed to get there twice as fast. "Lou where are we going" she asked me and then i stopped "here" i said while turning her around. 

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