Finally First

Life is perfect for Aria Hutchinson. Actually it's really not, it just appears that way. Nothing major just minor things. When she meets Liam Payne life finally starts looking up, she comes out of her shell and people actually start liking her. But nothing can stay that way, right?


2. Broken

-Liam's POV-

I can't. How could this happen. After the best two years of my life it's just over. Ended. How is this even possible? We were perfect together. Even after growing apart a little bit on tour whenever I came back it was always better. How could we have just broken like this? I can't even think and I have to play a concert tonight. I have to sing Back For You. The song that was written for her. I can't do this. I'm falling apart and I need to get myself together or I'll fall tonight. I have to look okay tonight. I know she will. She's probably fine. She always looks perfect. 

"You okay, mate?" Niall asked me while walking in. "Yeah, fine. I'll be out in a sec to start practicing for tonight." "Okay sounds good see you in a sec!" He said while happily walking out of the room. I trust Niall with my life and I tell him everything. Right now though I just can't I'm so broken I can't even focus. Oh well, I'll piece it together as best as I can. I don't have time to be broken. 

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry this chapter is kind of sucky and short =( I have tons of finals to be studying for that I don't feel like studying for and I have to visit my horses today. I might get on tomorrow and post another chapter though =)

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