Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


5. Theme park time!

I woke up with my head on Liams lap and my feet on Harrys lap I looked around the room me,Lilly,Liam,Harry,Louis and Zayn but where was Niall I searched the house it took a long time as the house is blooming huge! but I found him in the kitchen with a sandwich "your up early" I said

"yes, you know Lilly moves in her sleep she kicked me in the face i have a bruised cheek" he pointed to his swollen cheek I reached into the freezer and handed him an ice pack he couldn't talk as he had a mouth full of sandwich so he nodded as if to say thanks.Soon everyone woke up Lilly complained her foot hurt me and Niall burst out laughing so we explained what had happened .

"So what are you two doing today" Zayn asked

"Nothing probably go on facebook and complain that we are bored you" Lilly laughed

"Nothing how about we all go to the theme park" Zayn suggested we all nodded in agreement

"But wait won't you guys get mobbed by fans" I said

"yeah..about that are there any hoodies and shades here" Louis smiled me and Lilly laughed whilst they all looked confused

"well I have 10 tones of hoodies and Lilly has 67 pairs of shades" I chuckled I ran upstairs and grabbed 5 hoodies t-shirts pairs of underwear jogging bottoms socks and converse the boys took them

"Errmmm Jennifer why do you have so much mens clothes"Liam asked

"They are my brothers he is in the army fighting in Afghanistan he is coming home soon so he has clothes here" they all made that annoying `ooh` sound I rushed upstairs to get dressed into my Purple tank top black jeans and black converse I laughed when I saw Lilly in a Yellow tank top red jeans and black converse.We all got into my red Volkswagen golf It was a five seater so Louis drove Zayn in the passenger front seat me on Harrys lap then Liam then Lilly on Nialls lap it was only a 20 minute drive when we got there I tried to get out but hit my head on the roof I laughed when i got out louis pointed out mine and nialls matching injuries.

"Jennifer you wanna go on the screamer with me" Harry asked pointing to a ride where you go up so high and drop into a massive loop basically a ride that goes upside-down 8 times! 

" looks....scary"

"Please" he said with a baby-like tone and the old puppy-dog eyes

"FINE! BUT YOU OWE ME HAROLD" I screamed getting strange looks from the crowd. A short girl about 18 with blonde hair stood in front of us in the line she looked behind at us as Harry took his sunglasses off for a split second 

"OH MY GOD ITS HARRY STYLES AGGHHHHH!" She opened her mouth and screamed girls looked 'round at us Harry grabbed my hand and ran before pulling me into a dark room he turned the light on he took me into the MENS toilets 

"I can't be in here" I complained 

"well would you rather be mobbed by directioners"

"no..." when the crowd left we swapped hoodies to be safe and walked out 

after 10,000,000,000,000,00 rides we decided to go but then we saw Niall and Lilly on the ferris wheel I looked up only to find them kissing 

"GET A ROOM" Louis shouted

"OOH LA LA" Zayn chanted Liam whacked them on the head and all three of them went off flirting with girls me and harry went on the enemy log flume ride then we all went to mine and Lillys I had bought candy floss which all the boys happily nicked parts of then we all fell asleep talking in my front room

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