Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


9. The Interview

We made it to the studio and a guy guided us to a small purple sofa on the sofa sat Liam Louis and Zayn behind them perched on the back Me and Harry sat and on the left arm was Lilly and the right arm was Niall .Tina sat opposite us on a large arm chair

Tina: "Hello I am here with One Direction and there friends Jennifer Jacks and Lilly Martin Hello guys"

all of us: "Hello"

Tina : "so first the question we all wanna know is Harry Styles and Jennifer Jacks a thing"

Harry : "ok so yes we did go on the roller coasters together but we are not going out we did not kiss

Tina: "oh not quite the answer i was looking for but Jennifer and Lilly what is it like living with the boys"

Lilly: "ohh it is so fun"

Jennifer: "Terrible they are so messy and some people crawl into your bed whilst you try to sleep don't they LILLY AND HARRY"

Niall:"so that is where you went"   

Tina: "are there any romances then" we all looked at Niall and Lilly

Niall: "Me and Lilly are officially dating 

Tina:"ooohh since when"

Zayn: since we went to the theme park and Lilly and Niall were smooching on the ferris wheel


Liam: They make a cute couple  

Tina: so any crushes 

Louis: errm isn't that a little private 

Harry: I have a crush

Tina: who is it does she know

Harry : she doesn't know and she won't know today I will happily say who it is but after she knows 

Tina: well thats all we have time for see you next week when we will interview Charlotte Manic new-comer to our official charts

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