Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


2. Thanking the rain

I walked through the front door i was utterly gob-smacked but it was raining so I played it cool by just getting into my pajamas my favorite pajamas consisted of fluffy slipper-socks old jogging bottoms and my older brothers rugby jersey I looked like a mess but hay thats just me! Lilly was getting into the shower so i put my favorite cd on Up all night one direction I was in the middle of Tell me a lie when the doorbell rang It took me a minute to find a way of opening the door when I saw a gang of guys in hoodies

"Ummm hello?" I tried to be polite 

"hey we wanted to welcome our new neighbours" The tallest one said

"sure come in would you like some tea" I asked 

"Yes please" they all said at once I made the tea and sat down

"Hello so what are your names" I asked panting from the long walk from the kitchen to the front room

"well actually I am Liam and this is Harry Louis Niall and Zayn" One of them said as they revealed there faces I had to act cool but

"Oh my gosh your one direction in my house i can't believe it" the words kind of burst out my mouth 

"Ha always happy to meet fans what is your name?" harry said suddenly hugging me i thought 'be cool be cool'

"Jennifer and who says I am a fan" I joked 

"well is that your cd playing? are these your one direction bangles? and are those your cheeks going red?" Louis smiled. Just then lilly walked down the stairs 

"Lilly meet our new neighbours" .......

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