Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


12. Telling the others

Harry looked at me and smiled I smiled back "Jennifer could you maybe go to the cinema with me tomorrow" He asked I could feel my cheeks go red

"I would love to!" I laughed and jumped on his back he gave me a piggy back downstairs he chucked me on the sofa he smiled and we went off to get the pizza out of the oven we were eating in silence when Louis said

"So Harry have you told her"

"yes we have a date tommorrow" Lilly looked up

"with who" she asked

"ME!" I shouted her eyes widened 

"Really!?" she screamed

"Yeppers" I smiled she high-fived me we sat down and ate our Pizza I looked at the time and i was shattered 

"Hey guys i'm gonna head to sleep ...oh and no creeping into my bed tonight understand Lilly and Harry?" we laughed I ran up to bed

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