Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


1. Secret billionaire

Me and Lilly were at my little flat when Lilly spoke "Look not to be rude but this place is disgusting how about me and you buy a house.."

"yeah like that will happen I have no money"

"well....I do"

"I can't let you pay"

"I have alot of money come see my parents mansion" i looked at her I laughed but she looked dead serious when we got there it was the biggest place I had ever seen

"WHY DID YOU NOT TELL ME" i shouted 

"I wanted you to like me for me not my money" I talked to her apparently she had already bought a place for us we went to have a look around it

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