Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


8. Getting ready

I went into the shopping center in my hat and shades followed by the others we all went in different directions Me and Lilly ran into monsoon and bought a dress each she bought a white dress with flowery patterned lace with a grey cardigan I bought a black dress with pink/red flowers on it we walked out and then I saw Zayn Liam and Louis being chased by fans what was I to do? I ran ahead and pulled them into a small shop so the crowd ran past us I ordered them to stay there whilst I went off to find Niall and Harry with Lilly. Niall and Harry were wondering around lost we guided them to the shop where we decided to go to a different center we squished into thew car and drove off. We arrived but decided to stick together just to be safe Lilly dragged us all into her favorite shoe shop she spent £70 on a pair of designer heels 6 inch grey heels whilst I spent £6 on a pair of black flats with black lace.Soon we all had stuff to wear and headed to our place I collapsed onto the sofa and fell asleep when i felt someone carry me up to bed I woke up once they placed me on the bed harry had carried me up "thanks" I said I hugged him as I fell asleep once again I woke up being squashed between Lilly and harry there was a note saying 

            Dear Jennifer,

we came up to see if you were still awake but your bed is just to comfortable hope you don't mind xx

       love Lilly and harry xxx

'Great how am i supposed to get up'  I thought as I thought that as Lilly and Harry got up 

"and what time to you call this" I pointed to the clock it was half 11 that got them up we only had 1 and a half hours to get ready

I went downstairs they were all awake down there eating Toast so I made some for me Lilly and Harry after that we only had an hour so I brushed my teeth got into my dress flesh colored tights and shoes that took me 20 minutes then I did my make-upt eye liner ,foundation,mascara and peachy lip gloss then I curled my long light brown hair we waited for Lilly 

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