Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


10. Confessing

When we got back me and Lilly went upstairs to get into our pjs whilst the boys watched the interview on T.V I came down but heard the guys talking 

"tell her Haz" Liam said

"I can't it is so hard to talk about it" Harry moaned

"who is it?" Zayn asked

"please tell us" Louis pleaded 

"just tell us" Niall ordered 

"FINE! its Jennifer" I was shocked...ME....and he is gonna tell me that he likes me?what should I do either way I will get a tone of hate the truth or a lie I trust that the truth is the only way so the truth it is....

Me and Lilly walked downstairs when They all complained about how hungry they were but the only people able to cook are me and Harry so we went into the kitchen and started making Pizza once we put it in the oven he went to take the flour back into the pantry but I accidently got in the way and got a face full of flour "oh no Jenifer i am so sorry"

"its ok I just need.."

"need what"

"revenge!" I screamed as i through flour at him he laughed as we ran upstairs to wash off the flour 

"eerrmm Jennifer I need to tell you something"


"I think I Love you I have had this mad crush on you ever since we met I can't seem to stop thinking about you"

"wow errmm well I guess i should say I like you too" I told him the truth I confessed I really did love him I was just to afraid to admit it I mean he is a famous heart-breaker but I couldn't help it my heart may be broken soon for loves sake I hope I won't get my heart broken again before it was so hard I was broken for 2 years but Harry mended my heart and never knew.......

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