Stealing a heart and my other crimes

Jennifer is shocked to find out about her best friend Lillys secret fortune one day they move into their own place when they meet one direction.....


7. chloe

We all sat in silence when my phone went off

"hello is this Jennifer jacks"

"Yes please say your not directioner giving me hate"

"Haha no I am Tina Winters host of The Tina Winters show I was wondering If you your friend and The boys wanted to come and explain what if going on" 

"I would love to Lilly would let me ask the boys" I turned around and they were all nodding


"yep" Niall said popping the p

"whatever" i laughed

"so would they like to be on the show" tina said

"we would all love to"

"great tommorrow 1 o clock sharp M.P studios" she hung up Lilly looked at me 

"we need to go shopping for an outfit" she smiled

"I have no money" I shrugged 

"but I do lets go" she grabbed my hand

"We have to shop to all our clothes are at home and someone not naming any names LOUIS left the keys at his friends house so can we come" Liam asked 

"Sure but we all have to squeeze in my car again" we all agreed and set off unfortunately they forgot their disguises I got out to buy them some shades and hats but I was mobbed by directioners I got back in the car I grabbed a directioner with me 

"What did I do" she cried her eyes shut scared of what might happen she was about 14 with long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes

"Its ok open your eyes we just need your help" Liam said 

"OH MY GOD ITS one direction hi I am Chloe " she whispered she obviously understood we didn't want to be noticed 

"Can you buy us some sunglasses and hats here is fifty pounds keep the change" Harry handed her money she got out the car and ran into the shopping center and came back with a large bag and gave us it and the change

"I said keep the change" harry handed her the money

"I can't accept it by the way I am a huge fan I wanted to go to your concert but i never get there in time to buy tickets " Zayn reached into his pocket and handed her 2 tickets she got a picture with them and left


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