i was louis' girl

this story is about a girl named breanna and her friends (jess and La'Shae) go to a club and meet one direction and ALOT happens


2. the wedding

  me and louis were late for jessica's wedding. she was really pissed at me 

"why the hell are you late!?!?! your my maid of honor you can't be late! she scolded 

" jess im soo sorry traffic and..." she cut me off

"just get over there now!"


                         two hours later

louis was trashed. he couldn't even walk straight 

" lou c'mon let's get you home" i said 

"look bitch, im fine leave me alone i can handle myself" 

that was about the fifth time he has given me an attitude. then he started being really mean. he was calling me names and pushing me around. i knew he didn't mean it but, i couldnt bare it anymore. the name calling really got to me. 

that's enough louis! im leaving im going to a really good friends house!"

whatever i dont care its not like anyone will notice your gone!!"

i ran to my car and wiped the tears from my face. i started driving i didnt know where i was going i just drove. then i realized i had a really close friend. he's been a good friend for a while now. his name was thomas. i pulled out my phone and texted him 

" hey can i come over it's important"

"um sure"

 as i pulled up in the drive way (tears still rushing down my face) i ran up to the door and knocked. he came to the door and said 

''whats wrong? what happened" i started sobbing

" it was louis he's being really mean" 

he took me inside and gave me a t-shirt and some sweatpants to wear (considering i was in a expensive dress) i was sitting on the couch. i ended up falling asleep on his shoulder but, when i woke up he was still awake. 

" your my bestfriend and i dont know what i'd do without you" i said 

he said " yeah i know but i have to tell you something"


"i love you" 

i looked at him blankly but, i had feelings for him for a while 

"i love you too!" 

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