i was louis' girl

this story is about a girl named breanna and her friends (jess and La'Shae) go to a club and meet one direction and ALOT happens


3. the mistake

 after he told me he loved me and i said it back i blacked out. i woke up the next morning in his bed! i had 5 missed calls and sooo many apology texts. i thought all the calls were from lou but, one was from harry. i called it back thinking it was la'shae using harry's phone but, it wasn't it was harry 

hello?" i said tired as ever 

" breanna you gotta help me! i did something terrible"

"what did you do" i was trying to be quiet so i didnt wake thomas up

"i-i-i cheated on la'shae"

"excuse me! what did you just say" 

" oh i gotta go she's home" then he hung up

thomas started to wake up so i grabbed my clothes and went into the bathroom, got dressed and left. i was afraid of what might happen if he woke up and i was still there. as i drove home i seen louis outside.

" oh my god thank god you came home i was worried sick! i'm so sorry i said all those things i hope you know i didn't mean it."

" i know louis its ok i guess, but next time can you not drink as much as you did at the wedding"

"yeah, and where did you go last night?" 

"oh uh my moms i went to my moms"

he came up to me and pulled me in and hugged me so tightly. 


                             about a week later 

i felt really sick and tired and my "friend" was late so while i was shopping i grabbed a pregnancy test. i got home and "took the test"......i was pregnant but, it wasn't louis'.. it was thomas's 

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