i was louis' girl

this story is about a girl named breanna and her friends (jess and La'Shae) go to a club and meet one direction and ALOT happens


1. the club

breanna and her best friends jess and La'shae decided to go to a club since it was friday and they had nothing to do. as they got there they seen a group of really hot guys. they walk over to where they were very confidently. as they got closer they seen it was one direction 

louis: hey girls can we help you


they remained voiceless. 

niall: sit down girls we wont bite 


niall laughed an evil laugh


A couple hours passed and niall was in love with jess harry wanted la'shae and when it came to zayn and louis (cuz zayn wasn't there) nobody could tell who they liked. seceretly they like breanna and they fought over her constantly but louis won her heart...or so everyone thought

about seven months later

 Breanna's P.O.V 

today was jess and niall's wedding. i was so happy for her i was also suprised they got married this fast but, they way they acted the night everyone met im not that suprised


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