i was louis' girl

this story is about a girl named breanna and her friends (jess and La'Shae) go to a club and meet one direction and ALOT happens


4. the announcement

 i was so excited that i was pregnant but, how would i tell louis. i told myself i would lie and say it was his. at that moment i got a phone call from jess


"hey i have to tell you something breanna,"


"IM PREGNANT im a month pregnant!!!"

"good for you im happy but, umm im pregnant too... but its not louis' its someone elses"

"who's wait what you cheated"

"SHH! and yes i regret it but i did and im pregnant because of it."

"well dont leave me hanging who's baby is it"

"uhh thomas's"

it suddenly got quiet. it was really awkward then she said

"oh umm i gotta go niall needs me"

then she hung up. i admit i made a mistake by cheating but at the same time im happy i did. i was interrupted by louis walking through the door.

"hey babe? you home?"

"yeah im in the kitchen"

he walked out and said

"i got you something".

he hid his arms behind his back.

"what, what ,what whatcha get me!!!"

 he giggled at my eagerness. he handed me a big box of chocolates

"thanks lou"

it got really quiet and i kept looking at my feet

"what's wrong breanna"

"oh um i have some news"


he got really nervous and kept staring at me.



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