i was louis' girl

this story is about a girl named breanna and her friends (jess and La'Shae) go to a club and meet one direction and ALOT happens


5. i lied

 breanna's P.O.V

 he just stared at me confused and happy at the same time.

"yay im gonna be a dad yay yay yay"

I laughed and told him I was going to go see my mom but I lied I was really going to go tell  Thomas.

***at Thomas's house****

I knocked at the door and immediately he answered

"hey I have to tell you something"

"yeah" he looked confused nd worried just like Louis was

" do you remember that night I came here because Louis was being mean to me"

"yeah, how could I forget you came here crying, I comforted you and the next morning when I woke up you were gone"

"look im really sorry about that, but well I just found out im pregnant and your the father"

his sleepy face went to a happy/ worried face.

'I am?"


"im gonna be a father?"


his face lit up and he hugged me tightly. I pulled away because what I had to tell him next just broke my heart.

"but, Louis thinks it's his and im gonna stay with him"

he looked really sad. it made me want to cry

"whatever! stay with him he's just gonna break your heart again"

he then slammed the door and I started crying. I got in my car and drove back home. when I walked in I seen the whole crew. Louis, Niall, harry, Liam, Zayn, Perri, Danielle, Jess ,and  La'Shae. Louis seen I was crying and walked over to me

"what's wrong"

"oh I heard about this women who's baby died because umm she didn't take care of herself and she starved herself" I lied the what third time this day.

'oh well i'll make sure you eat until you can't eat anymore" he smiled and walked me over to where the couch was









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