The Wedding That Changed Everything (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Hi im gabby and my bestfriend is getting married to Niall Horan. Yes, i know what your thinking "the niall horan from One Direction?!?!?" and the answer to that is yes!

this is a fanfiction about a teenag girl named gabby and she has to fly to the UK to go to her best friends wedding! what happens when she finds out its tradition to share a house and room with the best man since shes the maid of honor. what happens when the best man is a boy by th name of Harry Styles?


6. Chapter 6

*Gabby's POV*

"Who was that?" Harry asked peering over my shoulder trying to read the text. I quickly locked my phone so the screen went dark and replies with a nervous "no one". He gave me a suspicious look but dismissed it. The movie started and Harry and I were on the complete opposite sides of the couch. I took a glance at him and he was already looking at me, he we pouting with his bottom lip jutted out and he said "why are you so far away?!" I decided to act like a little kid and I teased "because Harry has Codies!!" He smirked and said "do not!" He tackled me back onto the couch and we fell back together laughing. I looked up and his hair was perfectly side swept and out of the way so I had a perfect view of his beautiful Emerald green eyes. He leaned closer and said "guess what?" "What" he smirked and swiftly planted a soft kiss to my lips and then jumped up and shouted "GABBY HAS COODIES, GABBY HAS COODIES" he threw his head back in laughter, his hair moving with even the slightest movement of his head.

*Harry's POV*

I looked over at her and she had her hair up in a messy bun with a pair of my sweats and a tank top. I've seen many beautiful girls but she's just....I can't explain it. I heard a clearing of a throat and I snapped out if my trance and she was looking down at her lap awkwardly. I strided over to her and I grabbed her face "awwww is someone shyyy" I cooed. I could see the rosy pink color rising in her cheeks and I couldn't help myself but kiss them. I kissed her forehead, her left cheeks, then her right, and then her cute little nose and a small giggle escaped her lips. I wonder if..."Hey love, do you think you would want to go with me on a date tomorrow?" I started to smile and ten I heard my phone ring

To: Harry

She can't, she'll be with me.


I am soooo sorry I haven't updated in forever! I promise I will update more often! Sorry this chapter kinda sucks :/ the next one will be better I promise(: MWAH!! I love all of you(:


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