The Wedding That Changed Everything (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Hi im gabby and my bestfriend is getting married to Niall Horan. Yes, i know what your thinking "the niall horan from One Direction?!?!?" and the answer to that is yes!

this is a fanfiction about a teenag girl named gabby and she has to fly to the UK to go to her best friends wedding! what happens when she finds out its tradition to share a house and room with the best man since shes the maid of honor. what happens when the best man is a boy by th name of Harry Styles?


5. chapter 5

Harrys pov*

"theres only one bed..." she said quietly. I honestly dont see an issue but thats just me. "ermm well i could sleep on the couch or so-" "no way! thats crazy ill sleep on the couch!" is she crazy she is NOT sleeping on the couch...hmmm "hey why dont we both just sleep on the bed?" i suggested with rather hopeful eyes. she sat there for a moments and she looked as if she was having an inner battle with her self trying to figure out if she should say yes or no. "ummm well if thats okay with you its okay with me!" she said smiling. i just nodded and said "you want to watch a movie?" she said yes and that she would meet me in the living room in a jiffy. i chuckled at her choice of words.

Gabbys pov*

i walked out of mine and Harrys room and immedatly smelled popcorn! "hey gabby do you want butter on the popcorn?" i gave him a duh face but then realized he couldnt see me, whoops! "duhhhh!" i could hear his deep laugh viberating off of the hotel walls. I plopped down on the couch while Harry walked into the room "what movie do you want to watch?" "ummmm titanic?" his face filled with excitment and he shouted "I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!" then his facial expression changed to embarassed and then he said quietly "i mean...uhh sure titanics good." i just laughed at his shyness. he put the movie into the blue-ray player and he sat right next to me on the couch.

After a while i felt my phone viberate in my was a text

'Gabby please hear me out. i miss you so much i love the way you laugh, the way we used to cuddle late at night, and most of all i just miss you! i wish youd come back to me. but you see heres the thing if you dont choose to come back to me i could always make you come back. i know your in london as well as i. meet me tomorrow at 8pm sharp if you dont, dont think i wont come looking for you. make a wise desision my love.



oh crap.



DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN haha just kidding but what do you thinks gonna happen? hmmmmm! thank you all so much for staying with my story! luv you all!

~Gabby(: <3


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