The Wedding That Changed Everything (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Hi im gabby and my bestfriend is getting married to Niall Horan. Yes, i know what your thinking "the niall horan from One Direction?!?!?" and the answer to that is yes!

this is a fanfiction about a teenag girl named gabby and she has to fly to the UK to go to her best friends wedding! what happens when she finds out its tradition to share a house and room with the best man since shes the maid of honor. what happens when the best man is a boy by th name of Harry Styles?


3. chapter 3

Gabbys pov*

the plane just landed and me and Harry got off the plane to get our luggage. we waited for my luggage for almost 2 hours when we decided that it was lost. great way to start a vacation! im just glad Grace has my maid of honors dress! "we are going to go shopping to get you more clothes" I shook my head no and said "all my money was is in my suitcase!" he just chuckled and said "Gabby money really isn't an issue for me.." after about 20 minutes of arguing I finally gave in. I huffed, picked my purse up and we walked together through the airport. when we got out side harry tried whistling for a cab but he cant whistle so I did. harry looked and me in awe and I said "what? never seen a girl whistle?" he chuckled and shook his head. he opened up the door for me and let me go in. as I was getting in I felt something fall out of my purse. before I could grab it harry did and picked it up. uh oh. he smirked and said "a little fan huh?" it was my 1D poster! I snatched it back and he slid in the cab with me. I put my head down and said shyly "umm do you think you could maybe sign it?" he smirked and said "I have a better idea." he put one of his hands on my cheek and started rubbing it. he leaned in and his lips slowly brushed against mine and then it happened. he pressed his lips onto mine. they were so soft I could practically melt into them. he pulled away and when he did he had the biggest smile on his dimpled face. "alright you two love birds were here!" harry paid the man and then thanked him. we walked inside the hotel and as soon as we did I was embraced in a huge bone crushing hug! I heard a squeal "GABBY!!" I could tell that voice apart from anywhere. I gasped and screamed "GRACIEEE!" we both giggled and hugged each other tighter. she smiled and said "gabby I want you to officially meet Niall!" I saw Niall and I practically fainted. Grace looked at me weird and then said to Niall. "oh yeah forgot to mention she's a directioner and there's 2/5 of 1D in the same room so yeah..." I took a deep breath and said "Hi Niall I'm Gabby its very nice to meet you." he smiled and hugged me. when he did grace flipped out and said "NIALL she will flip out if you hug her! stop!" I just laughed and said "im okay grace." she sighed in relief and then she said "at least its not Harry hugging her." Harry looked confused and said "why is that good?" he smirked and said "cause you're her favorite! she's in lovvvveeeee with youuuuu!" i sent her eye daggers and harry said "well she didn't freak out when i kissed her" and he smirked and licked his lips seductively. grace looked at me like i had two heads. "well actually Gabby lost her Luggage so we are going shopping so we will be back later!" he put his arm around me and we walked out.

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