The Wedding That Changed Everything (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Hi im gabby and my bestfriend is getting married to Niall Horan. Yes, i know what your thinking "the niall horan from One Direction?!?!?" and the answer to that is yes!

this is a fanfiction about a teenag girl named gabby and she has to fly to the UK to go to her best friends wedding! what happens when she finds out its tradition to share a house and room with the best man since shes the maid of honor. what happens when the best man is a boy by th name of Harry Styles?


2. chapter 2

Gabbys pov*

I looked around for seat 3a. SCORE its a window seat! i was happy that i got 1st class. A curly haired boy sat next to me. He was wearing a grey beanie and a matching colored hoddie. I was trying to be polite  so i said "hello im Gabriella." "hello im Harry." he said in a thick cheshire accent. wait a minute Harry?British?Beanies? OMG THATS HARRY STYLES!! omg gabby calm down. play it cool "ummm as in Harry Styles, like from One Direction?" he chuckled. ermegurdddd hes so fricking cute! "yes i am, are you a fan?" i wanted to scream at the top of my lungs my undeclaring love for him but i thought i probably shouldnt. cause i dont want him to freak out so i just said "i guess you could call me a fan." and smiled.


Harrys pov*

"i guess you could call me a fan." she said and smiled. WOW shes beautiful she has perfect blue eyes that look clearer than the ocean and long brown hair thats a little naturally wavy in the back. she just perfect. okay harry get a grip say something before she thinks you need to go to the loony bin. "so gabriella-" "gabby you can call me gabby!" i smiled and said "so Gabby where ate you going?" i said trying not to mess up of stutter. "im going to my home town in england because my best friend is getting married one of your best mates!" i sat there shocked "wait your that gabriella?!?!" i said in complete happiness because im the best man and shes the maid of honor. i was intruped from my deep thought by her saying "i dont know what your talking about." she said "im nialls best man!!!" i said confident ans proud. "oh YAY...i  mean ummm cool" she blushed. i just smirked at her because shes adorable when she blushes. her blushing moment stopped and she said "wait harry." "yes love?" she said nervously "ummm...dont the best man and maid of honor have to share a room because of 'horan tradition'?" i totally forgot about that! I get to share a room with her, no way! now i cant stop smiling(:

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