The Wedding That Changed Everything (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Hi im gabby and my bestfriend is getting married to Niall Horan. Yes, i know what your thinking "the niall horan from One Direction?!?!?" and the answer to that is yes!

this is a fanfiction about a teenag girl named gabby and she has to fly to the UK to go to her best friends wedding! what happens when she finds out its tradition to share a house and room with the best man since shes the maid of honor. what happens when the best man is a boy by th name of Harry Styles?


1. chapter 1

Gabby's pov*

"Gabby get down here!!!" "coming mom!" i yelled from my room upstairs. jezzz my mom is so farceful and pushybut i cant argue with her because she bought me the best thing in the world!....plane tickets to my hometown. wait i should probably introduce my self...Hi! my name is Gabriella Martin! i have long brown hair and baby blue eyes. im about 5'5...yes and no im not short im fun sized! and yeah i guess thats kinda it oh and i love one direction! but anyways....I cant wait to go back to england and see my friends and family! i especally cant wait to see my best friend Grace! she is the best friend you could ever ask for. Oh and did i mention she is engaged to Niall Horan. and i know what your thinking 'NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION?!?" and the answer to that is yes! they are getting married in 3 weeks..."Gabby lets go!!!" ughhh "coming mother!" *puts on fake smile* i ran down the stairs and saw my mom standing there "okay mom leggooooo!" if you are wondering yes i am weird but hey what teenager isnt!

~in the car~

"i want you to be safe and dont talk to straners a-a-and..."my mom was a nervous wreck! "MOM ill be fine, im not 3!" ughh she treats me like i still wear diapers! "i know sweetie but i just worry!" she said and it looked like she was tearing up! we finally pulled up to the airport! thank gosh! "okay well bue mom i love you and ill call you when i get to england!" i gave her and hug and she started ramlbing again "remember dont eat to much food ont he plane an-" "MOM I KNOW!" seeshhh that lady doesnt know when to zip her lip! we exchanged 'love yous' as i entered the building i waved at my mom. I went through security check which went supprisingly fast. I dropped off my luggage and the i was finally on the plane!




hello lovlies! this is the author speaking/typing! haha well what do you think? should i continute? and sorry if this chapter was boring i PROMISE it will get better! well thanks for reading!

~Gabby<3 (:


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