what a wonderful world

"I will never stop loving you. I will love you forever" those were the last words he said to me. Hi I am Rosa and I dates the Harry styles until he decided we should break up because long distance relationships don't work. But before he left he told me he will always love me. I really miss him but no one besides my best friend Sofia and my sisters Jennifer and Taylor know that we dated and my parents of course. I know his family knows we dated because I met them. But I am kind of angry with him because he never bothered to call, text or even tweet me.

What will happen when they meet again?


10. Truth or Dare

Daniella's P.O.V

Previously: "let's play truth or dare" shay said. This should be interesting....


And of course shay had to do me first. "Daniella truth or dare" shay asked. "Truth" I mumble. "Do you like Niall?" She asked. That made me wide-eyed "dare! I said dare!" I yelled. "Okay I dare you to answer that question!" Shay said. "Do I love Niall? No. Did I use to love him? Yes. Do I like him anymore? No." I answer "but I am tired so goodnight" I dean I to my room and heard the girls say "why is she being so bratty about it. She is overreacting and we shouldn't hang out with her'' I cried. I never used to cry when I was with Niall. I never cried when I fell or when anything happened even when I was little. The day that changed my happiness and made me cry was when me and Niall broke up. I could be happy right now. Everything could be fine if Rosa didn't come in. But I know a person who can make me happy- my best friend. I turned on Skype and called her- the only person who can make every thing better. 

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