what a wonderful world

"I will never stop loving you. I will love you forever" those were the last words he said to me. Hi I am Rosa and I dates the Harry styles until he decided we should break up because long distance relationships don't work. But before he left he told me he will always love me. I really miss him but no one besides my best friend Sofia and my sisters Jennifer and Taylor know that we dated and my parents of course. I know his family knows we dated because I met them. But I am kind of angry with him because he never bothered to call, text or even tweet me.

What will happen when they meet again?


5. Speak of My ex boyfriend

Rosa's P.O.V

I went to work and 10 minutes later my boss called me into his office. "You wanted to see me?" I ask as I walked in. "Yes. Rosa these are the young men you will be interviewing and these are their girlfriends" my boss said. "Great" I said sarcastically. "Rosa?" Harry asked. "Yes?" I say. "Do you remember me?" I decided to pretend I don't know him. "Well I heard you on the radio if that's what you mean. Why would I remember you. Its not like you cheated on me and didn't even love because dating me was only a dare." I said clearly angry. "I missed you too" he said. I rolled my eyes at him. "Anyways I am Rosa" I say to the boys. "I'm zayn and this is my girl Sharon" "I'm liam and this is my girl Emily" "I'm Jennifer and this is my girlfriend veronica" "his name is Louis and he is a jokester. I'm Niall and this is my girlfriend Daniella" "I'm harry but you knew that and this is my girl Miriam." I rolled my eyes. "Well I have to do some work but you guys can go to the lounge" I say and start to walk away. "Hey. I'm Miriam Harry's girlfriend and I just wanted to say don't think I don't know you like him. But if I see you try anything you'll be sorry. Watch your back" she said and walked away. Oh no....




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