what a wonderful world

"I will never stop loving you. I will love you forever" those were the last words he said to me. Hi I am Rosa and I dates the Harry styles until he decided we should break up because long distance relationships don't work. But before he left he told me he will always love me. I really miss him but no one besides my best friend Sofia and my sisters Jennifer and Taylor know that we dated and my parents of course. I know his family knows we dated because I met them. But I am kind of angry with him because he never bothered to call, text or even tweet me.

What will happen when they meet again?


2. Hooray

Rosa's P.O.V


I went home and without saying anything I went to my room and slammed my door. I yelled in my pillow "why me!!???" About 10 minutes later my older sister Jennifer came into my room. "Hey babe you okay?" "No I am assigned to do a report on a famous band and they are coming tomorrow" I say angry "that actually sounds good to me" "I am interviewing one direction" I say rudely "ooohhhh.." She says "ya" "well I am sorry but it is about time you see him again. Anyways dinner is ready" she says as she pat my back and walked out of my room.



Sorry it is short anyways having a contest about who is going to be the boys' girlfriends. Write as many details such as hair color, eye color, height, and age. Also write which boy you want to date and why. Either leave a comment or e-mail my co-author at pretty princess.ds@gmail. Contest ends before June so hurry up! Bye!

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